A photo start Permaculture garden….

Couldn’t resist starting the new garden the day before all the cold weather started….hoping that was a good idea!  Need some more supplies to do the rest of it, but here is the before shot of one of the old garden beds from last year – horseradish and mint gone feral….


Then there’s the hay bales in a line – so hard to decide which shape to make the garden in so that you can reach everything, use the least amount of bales, get the mower around easily………..and then the boy comes out with his ideas……and his muscle so who cares really!

Laying out the bales

He’s a lovely boy – he barrowed over much compost (I’m scared of the compost heap because the snakes hang out there!)  You’ll see me looking like I’m playing Twister trying to keep all the cardboard flat until we got the next layer on in the wind!  I’d say Start your garden on a windless day but here on the Monaro that would mean waiting till about Jan.  Shortens the growing season a little too much!

 Getting garden started

Would really have liked to have a few more layers but we were running out of compost, and daylight.   We had lucerne hay layer over the cardboard.  Then some compost.  We only had one newspaper as I don’t read the news, it’s always bad and there’s enough sad stuff already in the world.  And with all the Buy and Sell sites online there’s no need.  D@mned hard to make the computer screen into compost you’ll find.  Then a little of the nasty water resistant dirt from out the back, with compost added and another layer of lucerne hay.  Watering all the way through because its pretty dry round here.  I also put some pelletised fertiliser in as I didn’t have time to go out in the paddock and collect horse poo.  Will be doing that for the next part.  I’d really like some sheep poo – although that could really encourage scavenging by Knic Nac.  We’ll just see how it goes!

Getting the compost layer on


And, oh bugger it, lets just plant one of the tomato and basil plants, the leeks, the rhubarb and asparagus corms and a whole heap of seeds.  If it doesn’t come up it won’t matter, we don’t remember where we put them anyways!  I like a little surprise in my life you know.

It will be a case of………..hmmm, do you think it’s a weed?  Or, ummm …………and just before the birds eat it we will know for sure what it was!

Hosing the garden in

A beer in one hand, a hose in the other.  The dogs running around chasing balls and leaping over high bales.  The kids, the awesome sunset on the mountains.  Well, gardening is sposed to be relaxing isn’t it?  Knic Nac did a little gardening of her own the next day, so we’ve put white tape up.  We know it was her because she’s scared of white tape (she had been zapped by the electric fence) whereas Just Your Average Kelpie has a theory….it might not be turned on.  So we know it wasn’t him or he’d still be burying his bones there.   I will put the white tape onto the various gardens on occasion just to reinforce the ‘no go garden zone’ for them.  They aren’t silly dogs – just busy ones.

Just about to start on Part 2 of the garden and get Part 3 underway.  I’ll be talking about the seeds and where we got them from next.   I found a Nursery with Heritage plants and seed up in Canberra when I was walking around the cycle path on Lake Burley Griffin.  Could have stayed there for weeks.  But the seeds are Australian and I’m keen to get some of the more interesting ones.

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