You know you are old when…..

When you’re walking into high school behind a kid and you’re thinking………..you MUST be older than you look or you wouldn’t be in high school.


We had this conversation in the canteen this week.  The one that goes…………everyone looks very young to me, these days.


Someone was saying they had been to a hospital and they knew that the people treating them must have been to University and done their study…but they looked like they should still be in high school.


I have had to restrain myself on more than one occasion, when pulled over by the police for random breath testing.


When they say “Good Evening Madam.  How are you?’


I actually want to say ‘I’m fine thanks…………..but does your Mum know you’re out this late, Darl?’


It is so what you don’t want to say to someone who has a real gun as well as a taser gun and a pair of handcuffs.


Hopefully by the time I’m 80 and ‘they’ look like the should be in Pre-school I’ll remind them of their grandmother or their mad old great aunt and they’ll treat me with the respect I no longer deserve.


I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get less cheeky as I get older!


And I do chuckle at the thought of the kids being rung by the local police station to come down and bail out their mother……..’because she’s been insulting our baby police officers again!’

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