Wowee! We did it!

Yes, yes, yes!  We got the furry spotted b*gger into the float and took him into town for a riding lesson.

What makes you think I'm getting on THAT!

Even better he didn’t jump around like a dried chick pea in a hot frying pan all the way there!

He didn’t leap about and whack his head into the horsefloat roof every time there was a slight curve in the road!

He was absolutely dripping with sweat when we got there though.  20 mins drive and he was worried but he actually stood there in the float, a few little jumps around when I changed gear going up a big hill, and one going over the camel backs.

Admittedly, he had rucked all the rubber mats up again at the back of the float, but not quite as badly as last time (he did have a little more time to work with last time though I’ll give him that.)


Saddled up and ridden hard.  Sometimes he’s full of beans and can be a handful.  Or two handfuls.  But today he kept changing gears down instead.  You could just see the OMG can I have a rest look on his face.  Mr Porky has eaten a bit too much and hasn’t been ridden while his owner was away and he was feeling it.

Didn’t want to get on the float to come home at first.  But you know food combined with the concept that you have to run unless you’re standing 4 feet on the float worked.  If we could just find a quicker simpler, way to do up the bum bars on the float it would be awesome.

Brought him home, he barrelled out of the float but was too tired to even whinney to his friends.  So he had a quiet brush down, a drink at the dam and a walk down to the bottom paddock before they realised he was home.  B*ggered he is :))))))

We’re so proud of ourselves!  And him!  It’s been 6 months?  that we’ve been float training him;  as well as riding him at home with the riding instructor.  We did get him in the float to camp once but he turned around inside the float while we were putting the tailgate up and was jammed into a U shape – we had to let him out and of course he wouldn’t go back in.  D@mn horses who have to look out the back and see what you’re doing!


It wasn’t back to square one, more like square 2 and a half.

Can’t believe we got him in the float, took him somewhere and got him BACK in the float ON THE SAME DAY!  So so exciting!  Woohoo, little happy dance.  Shh don’t tell the horse but we’re planning to do it again next week and the week after that.  Woohoo!

Mind you, I wasn’t impressed at the single lane bridge.  Slow and steady, especially around corners and hills is the way to go with the spotty b*gger.  The single lane bridge is at the bottom of two hills so downhill onto it which ever way you’re going.  I had a good view with no one coming, so steadily approaching it, moving into the middle of the road and someone whips around the corner on the other side and looks to race me to the bridge.  Hello?  I have a live animal in here.  A psyco live animal who doesn’t do sudden stops;  sudden direction changes.  And I don’t back up hill and around a curve very well either.  So I started flicking my lights and swearing like a trooper, and just steadily came on.  They finally stopped and had to back up out of the exit of the bridge.  Do people not get the concept that there is an animal in the back?  That they are standing in a moving vehicle which is swaying along at 60-80 kph (if it’s me driving) Do they really not get that?  I’d like to pop all those people who dont get it into the float and take them for a ride. and they won’t be able to use their hands to hold on either.  I think they might have a little more empathy after that.


I’m getting a reflective sticker for the back of the float from Cafepress.  It says ‘CAUTION:  Flying poo may blur vision.’

I’m thinking of making another one to put next to it, that says ‘Psycho Pony Poos when stressed.’

If you see this @rse in a float in front of you .....

ie.  back off @rsehole, or the @rsehole directly in front of you may make you sorry.

Kind of lends new meaning to the term ‘Tail-gate-ing’ doesn’t it?


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