Why is my laptop like a teenager?

Because they are both hard to wake up!


My Laptop goes into sleep mode when the battery is low, but no matter how quickly you plug it in to the power source, you can never wake it up.  You either leave it asleep, or you press the wake up on/off button.  And it turns off.


You just cannot wake it up!


And that’s when I realised that my laptop is a teenager.  No amount of calling out, cajoling, even screaming, will wake them up.  If you throw cold water on them (teenagers) they do wake up, but it’s not nice.  If you manage to get the laptop to come out of sleep mode on the very rare occasion it happens, it will then freeze and carry on, so you wish you hadn’t.


I do get why teenagers sleep a lot.  I’m a nurse after all.  And no, it’s not just that they stay up all night chatting on the net (well don’t we all, well I do sometimes.)   No, it’s more than that.


It’s their hormones and the amount of sheer body growth that goes on inside them.  Even without them growing 6 feet in 5 minutes, their insides are turning them into a new version.  The adult one.  And it’s a lot of work.  There are a lot of apps involved.


It’a probably a good idea to factor in some ‘growing time,’ and put a sign on their door that says ‘Please be patient, a new version of this person will be available shortly.’


They don’t just need more food, and water, and air, they do actually need more sleep.


Remember when they were cute little babies?  And all you prayed and begged for, was for them to sleep?


When the going get’s tough, the teenagers go to sleep


Well your wishes came true – just 14-19 years too late!


And if you’re thinking this post is not really about love….you try loving a teenager some days!

Although difficult as they can be, it’s what they and their parents need the most.


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