What’s 6 Plus 5

Eleven?  Yes?


Thought so.


Once again we arrive at the end of year 11.


That’s 6 years of primary (and Kindergarten, or in our case 3 years of stage one, Montessori.)  Add 5 years of high school.


Long time.  Lots of Book Weeks.  Lots of Awards Ceremonies.  Lots of excursions.

Lots and lots and lots, of school notes.

Lots of Parent Teacher interviews.  Only one, a happy event;  that teacher knows who he is;  and it is remembered.


And here we are.  At the end of Year 11.  Year 12 apparently started at the beginning of this term.  Although one part of a subject wasn’t taught last term – even though it was examined on at the end of last term.


We’re tired, we are.  We’re feeling like although there may be some light at the end of the tunnel, we won’t be coming out into the sunshine.


I’m feeling like I’ve been here before.


I thought I’d take you on a little learning curve again.

If you’ve got some high achievers who are doing well, with no help required.  Then you’re pretty much home and hosed.


My last two hit the Year 11 mark and gave up.  How many years later, they are considering going back to get some qualifications and maybe do Uni.

Or not.


It’s hard to go back.  Working to support yourself, and studying as well.

One thing we wished we knew when they were ready to give up.

That thing was:  you have 5 years to complete your HSC subjects.


Now I don’t know if the boys would have been able to cut down subjects and still keep up the motivation.  But we missed that bit.  And it would have been another option.


Number 3 is struggling with a couple of subjects.  But most of all, she is struggling with time and energy to do the work.

She’s asking to drop a subject.  But which to choose?

One of the ones that she has done badly in?  Even though one of those subjects is really useful no matter what you’re going to be?


I nearly missed the Parent Teacher night this week (haha, that would have been sad.)

As luck went, I got away early and managed to gatecrash the night.


It may have been my finest hour and 10 minutes.


I’ve certainly never been offered coffee by the principal before – not once, even, but twice!


I managed to have a really useful conversation with one of the head teachers.  I like to talk with teachers I know.


When you know they are practical, and realistic, and not defensive – you can both get so much more out of it.  So thanks, for that.


I got a phone number for someone who may tutor – turns out they are not tutoring anymore; nor could they tutor for the HSC anyway.  No one in town can.


I have two more options to look into.  I don’t hold out much hope on either one.  But one must explore every avenue.


Maths made my life a misery when I was at school.


All these years later and it’s still torturing me!


Here we are maybe half way into first term Yr 12.  The energy levels are not improving.  Apparently Glandular Fever is doing it’s best around the upper years.


Just what we needed to add to the mix.


The final word is that Maths has been dropped.


Since we are unlikely to make a decent ATAR with it included it has been cut loose.


Now that the govt has finished harrassing the Universities, it appears they are going all out for the TAFE’s as well.

At this point, I don’t even want to know what atrocities they have in mind for the only other option for learning.


I go now, to knock my head gently on a brick wall.  The upside of that activity is, how much better it feels when you stop….for a short while anyways.


This year of Lasts.  Bring it on!



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