What to cook with Rhubarb?

Rhubarb isn’t only red these days.  Although I must admit I love red rhubarb.  But it comes in all sorts of  mixed exotic colours.  So If you want to put some colour into your life you should definately have a look at some of the options you have.  Silverbeet also comes in these bright colours now too!  I’m going to put them in the flower garden this year to fill up space and brighten things up.


But what can you do with your rhubarb?  Ooooooh what a question.  What can’t you do with it!  I love tart fruit so it’s one of my favourite’s.  Since the kids hate it (TG they hate some things that are healthy) I get to eat it all!  So I cook a lot of it up, and freeze it in small portions.  It’s the one fruit that is never missing when I go to have some!


I cook it by cutting the stalks into 2 cm pieces (the leaves are poisonous, so don’t let the kids see if they like them, the vegetarian dog, or even the chooks.)  Just compost them down.  They’re not poisonous to touch, just to eat.  Too much oxalates.  The stalks contain low levels of oxalates.


In my opinion, if you find a bitter or very tart food growing, it will often be bad for you if you eat too much of it.  So keep that in mind when you are adding loads of sugar.  The sugar is not good for you.  Too much of what you are putting the sugar in is also not good for you!  Things that are too bitter, or too strong are usually that way for a reason…………to stop you from having too much.  It’s a self regulating mechanism.


Put the stalks into a saucepan (or a slow cooker) cover with water and cook on a medium heat till they are soft and mushy.  If you haven’t added too much water they will be mushy not floating in water.  At this stage you can freeze it in portions for eating and for cooking later.  So you can always have rhubarb around when you need it.  Cook up as much as you can grow, buy or get given by friends who have too much rhubarb.

You could add sugar to taste here, but it depends what you are adding it to how much sugar you might really need.


Rhubarb and apple crumble – I hate making pastry.  I would peel and cut up equal amounts of rhubarb and granny smith apples.  You can cook them together if that’s all your making with your mix.  The apple should be soft when cooked but doesn’t need to be mushy.

Strain off any excess water.  Add sugar after the apple and rhubarb are mixed.  Add slowly.  Keep in mind that just a hint of tartness is really lovely when you are eating a crumblie or pie with cream or ice cream.  Put the fruit mix into an ovenproof dish.


Basic Crumble:

175 g flour (wholemeal or white)

75 g butter/marg

75 g sugar.


But I like to mess with things.  So I would go to the health food store and have a little troll thru their oats and things.  You can get organic oats, triticale, all sorts of things.  And most of those things are good for your gut, which you should be looking after anyway.  So you can add some triticale or oats, and you can add some nuts, seeds (pumpkin/sunflower,) or cocunut.  You might need to watch if you have oats and nuts and wholemeal flour it might be a little heavy, especially if you are not used to eating things like that.  You could do half and half white/wholemeal.

You could try using brown sugar instead of white/castor.  You could try using a few spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, just a touch though.


Preheat the oven to 190C/375 F.


Put the flour and oats in a bowl, add the butter in chunks.

Rub the butter into the dry mix.

When well mixed add the sugar and mix well.

Add the nuts/seeds and mix or sprinkle on top if preferred.

Spread over fruit in the oven proof dish, cook for 20 mins or until golden brown.


We love nuts so I would be bound to add them.  But I know that for people who have nut allergies in the family they are a nightmare.

Just think about what you would usually use instead of nuts to add to the flavour.

Spices are great.  Oats.  If you have nut free chocolate you could drizzle that over after it’s cooked.

A little treacle can give it a different flavour as does the brown sugar.

You’re only limited by your experience and your imagination.

Or by your google ability!


Ok, that’s the crumble.  I’m going to find a lot more rhubarb recipes for you this week.


But just to keep you busy in the mean time.  You can make muffins and those mini muffins.

Half fill the muffin depression with the muffin mix.

Add a tiny amount of stewed rhubarb to the middle.

Add fill the muffin to the top.

I’d recommend doing all the half fills.  All the rhubarb bits.  And the all the muffin tops.

The put into the oven and cook.

You should end up with a little tart rhubarby flavour in the middle.

Sorry I don’t have any rhubarb photo’s to add to this post.


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