What do you need in life……..A Farrier FGS!

Sorry, I’m having a pretty hard time atm.  I’m really wanting to talk and chat, and relax.  And it’s not going to happen until about 20 farriers move into the area and are chipped with those things they use in shops that BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ very loudy when you try to leave the area.


That would be good I think.  I did say to the farrier who is planning to come to the area in 9 days that we probably wouldn’t let him leave.  I think he thought I was joking.  Which is a good thing, because unsuspecting farriers are easier to catch………….


We live in a rural area.  We love it.  We have horses.  So do many, many, many other people.

Horses live by their hooves.  And the ground here is very unforgiving.  The dryness we’ve been suffering in the weather has also  been hard on the horses hooves.  Two of our local farriers have recently retired again.  Our farrier became even more busier than usual last year, and was unable to fit us in a usual.


I was pretty upset, as one of the horses had a hoof abscess treated by the vet, but needed to be trimmed very regularly.  But being a long time customer was no help.


Along came another farrier.  We tried him out.  He was good.  And he answered his phone and said what he could, and couldn’t do.


Wow.  I like knowing what my odds are in getting the hooves sorted.  So we changed over.  I don’t think our old farrier cared much as he was so unindated with clients.


We’ve got a horse up for sale.  Had someone come to look and they did a trail ride on the rocky fire trail.  The horse has a split in the hoof due to the rocky terrain.  But we can’t get a farrier.  Our new one seems to have gone awol.  I thought at first he may have run off with the dentist (daughter dropped a filling this week and we needed to get that fixed too.)   But the dentist was easier to track down, in the end.


I’d say it’s a bit frustrating or annoying.  But because we are talking about a live animal and not a toy, it’s more than a bit.


It’s times like this I wish I lived somewhere where there were the services you need.


I don’t often feel like this.  But I do today and all of this week.  It’s not fair.


I want a farrier.  I need a farrier, and I need them now, and I need them on a regular basis.   If the government is thinking of importing people to australia, people with skills needed by australians (and australian horses) then they could do us a favour and get us some more farriers!


It’s not an easy job.  It’s not one I’m prepared to do.  But d@mn we need more of them!



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