Guilty Boys!

That horse is not called Cheeky for nothing! In fact, another boy could be called Cheeky as well. I went out to check the wombat excavcations under the house fences when I let the dogs off and saw Charlie in the food forest – naughty boy. OMG – two big rugged arses sticking out of […]

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Develop your whole potential

Get your life organised and make it happen thing around my birthday. Well, let’s face it the middle of the year is not quite so frantic, and as it’s cold here in Australia, sitting down somewhere warm and making plans seems like a good thing. Especially if you add a glass of wine to the picture. Maybe a fire, a couple of cats? and a Kelpie or two!

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Memory 1

Subliminal messages are becoming more and more popular. People are using them for a number of self growth areas now, and this is mainly because of their good results in key areas such as memory improvement

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