Topsoil Downunder

Started the new large herb and veg garden at the front of the house around the two grape vines I put in.

It’s a Kitchen Garden of sorts.

We will eventually have 3 gardens in the front yard, with all the herbs, and a lot of the salad and fast growing vege’s there.  Handy to the kitchen, and the front steps.

Unfortunately, we have lost one lettuce to the rain line off the roof.  And another to the vegetarian dog, who launches herself straight off the front steps, midway down, one foot on a lettuce and over the front of the garden.  That’s right Knic Nac, the horses are walking around again!


No dig garden style as expected here now!  I love no dig gardens.  My back loves it even better!

We only did 3/4 of it as we ran out of paper – shock horror!   Had to find some hay that was grown on land that hadn’t been sprayed with residual weed killer.  Luckily you can use cheap, older hay for this.  Then we added some horse manure.  Well that was a bit of a mistake.  We put it on and the kelpie’s picked it out and ate it.  An ‘All you can eat Buffet’ as far as they are concerned.

So, we’ve put some manure in a water butt and 3/4 filled it and will have manure tea for the garden instead.  Tomorrow the topsoil arrives and the garden bed will be ready.  There is already some herbs in it from last year.


Found the ruffled parsley (the plain one went to God with the frost or snow), found the French Tarragon also. The comfrey was hiding under a rock ready to get cracking as soon as the frosts depart.  The Savoury, Rosemary, Mountain Pepper, Oregano and the succulents are all going strong.

We’ve got some Rainbow Chard (Pretty Silverbeet), Snowpeas (mange tout), Red Onions, and mixed lettuce to join them.

We’ve ordered some seeds from The Lost Seed – Heirloom seeds.  So they will be arriving shortly.  Have quite a lot more garden to prepare but we are definately started again for this season!


And the best thing is that the more garden and food there is growing……….the less there is to mow!   Now that’s what I call a Win/Win situation!

Fresh vegetables are so healthy and so tasty, and the freshest you can get is straight from the garden to the plate, or the oven.

I love filling my lunchbox with salad on the way to the ute as I go to work.  And I can tell you that sun-dried tomatoes are nothing compared to Sun-warmed tomatoes.  Cherry tomatoes slightly warmed by the sun have a taste you cannot buy.  I could never eat tomato without salt, until I had one warmed.  So much flavour.

They talk about Slow Food these days.  And I get the concept.  But I do like my Fast Food still.  Lettuce, tomato, cucumber.  Straight off the vine, out of the garden.  And with a No-Dig garden the plants are a lot cleaner, so often no washing.  Those tiny little mini globe carrots are pretty great too.


And yes, it’s organic.  And yes, we’re trying to be sustainable, as in sustain ourselves.  Hoping to grow almost all our food except for those tropical fruits that we don’t have the weather for.

Or the animals, we don’t do that.  But that’s another story.

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