To vote – or not to vote?

Voting is not a question here.  The boys are a bit ticked that they didn’t know you didn’t have to vote if you’d never joined the electoral roll in the first place.


For those not in Australia – voting in Australia is compulsory.  They fine you if you didn’t vote.  There are a few exceptions, but not many.


I seriously hate elections because I’m one of those cynical voters who believe that politics is more for politicians than the rest of us.

No really,  one of the major parties waited until 2 days before the election to release what they are going to do when they get in.  They released a couple of last minute things late last night.  Good old fb keeps me up to date on these things 🙁   Who does that sort of thing?


I have been loving the cynical take-offs of all the parties over the last few days.


I don’t have a TV so I’ve been effectively able to keep my sanity the last couple of months.


Today we made a Sort of Decision – the usual ‘who do you hate the most’ and is there one left standing style of voting.


Then we went to the polling place – the local school (who is having a cake stall TG – got to get something out of the deal.)


When we got there, there were two parties present handing out their leaflets.  I headed straight for the cake stall.  Important things first, people.


Where was the Shooters and Fishers Party?  They’ve always been there?  I don’t feel like I’m in rural NSW anymore!  Let alone good old Eden/Monaro!


There weren’t even any leaflets for any other parties left lying on a chair with a large rock on top.


What’s the world coming too?


Even now, after seeing the ballot paper I can’t honestly claim to even remember half the parties names.

There was the Something Hemp/Marijuana Party;

The Sex Party – really?

The Wikileaks Party?

I was snorting at some of the names on the sheet when son next to me says…………The STABLE POPULATION PARTY?


Yes, son – safe sex is still the only way to go!


My daughter, of course, may have voted for that party had she been old enough to vote – being horse mad, it would have made sense to her!



When it’s all said and done, and all the votes have been collected and sifted, and sorted, and in a few weeks time………well I’ve got my Brandy Snaps and my Rice Bubbles with Dates slice to keep me going.  So Mrs Woog – that’s the sort of Election night Party that will be going on at my place.


And none of us are stable – horses or ferals!


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