There's a loaf but no fishes. Sourdough Bread.

Woohooo, I did it, I did it!  Happy dance!


After much procrastinating I finally made a sourdough loaf.  I put some herbs in it and on it and a little garlic too.


It’s a bit crusty, but I think most sourdough loaves are – the ones we bought were harded than this one.

But it tastes so awesome!

And here’s how it looks:




And from the side so you can see how good it taste’s………………………..ta daaaah!



Tis quite a bit of organising getting started with it.  But I’m sure it will get easier once I’m used to fitting in beating it up every now and then.

I feel quite proud of it!

Kids loved it and want more.  Son wonders if I can make enough so we don’t have to buy bread anymore…………..I’d like a day off now and again tho!


I think I’m going to try and bake and freeze some and see if that works for us.  It’s very nice being able to make sourdough bread, and it’s very tasty.

I’m going to make some walnut sourdough next.

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