The Vegetarian Dog

The vegetarian dog

This is her………..well actually she is a meat  and vegetarian dog.  She’ll even eat bedding and clothes that are left around if you want to be totaly honest about her appetite!

She is hilarious.  She lunges at food – and is not above snatching.  Considering she is well fed (overfed the vet would say) it’s hard to believe she behaves like she does over any sort of food.  When she was a pup she used to not just raid the compost heap, like Just Your Average Kelpie – no she would sit on top of the compost and eat anything she fancied before she would leave it alone.  The the birds and wombat would take what was left – we didn’t have a lot of compost until I put the electric fence around it and the clothes line.


But now – she has taken to eating tomatoes.  The girl teen offered her half a cherry tomato and she wolfed it down.  Didn’t touch the sides.  One of the boy teens showed her the three roma tomatoes he had just picked and he nearly lost his hand along with the tomatoes!  I bought a couple of kilo’s of tiny Jonathon Apples and the kids just eat the apples and hold the core out or chuck it in the air – jaws will catch it and down the hatch.


Food for thought? Organic garden supervisior

The unfortunate problem is Flatulence…….that dog can now fart with the best of us!  And the thing is – unlike people, who tend to look a bit guilty when they do it – she just drops a huge Silent but Deadly and looks at you without a single change in her furry face!  We were blaming each other for a while but no – it’s Princess Fartsalott.  So if you are thinking of using your dog to compost the left over vegetables from your permaculture garden – get yourself a peg for your nose before you start 😉

Food for farting

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