The Sick Note………….for School

Yes, I do believe we’ve had the Late Note for School.  I can’t recall talking about The Sick Note  for School, not in any great detail anyways!


Got the coffee?  Hope that this will make not only give you some insight into writing Sick Notes for Schoolkids, but maybe run the risk of you spitting coffee on the screen.  Hope so anyway.


I’ve written a few Sick Notes in my time.


I know, I know, it’s not grammatically correct.  Or is that – correct, grammatically?


I’m not one of those people who write notes at the drop of a hat.

You’ve probably noticed that I like writing, and talking, but for some reason, having to find paper and pens that write in the morning, when you’re not a morning person, it’s just not something that appeals.


When the kids were little I’d send a note saying – Kid was absent from school due to sickness.  Really, they have no reason to know whether Kid who was absent had diarrhoea, or a cold, or the flu as everyone seems to call a bad cold these days.


I’m a Registered Nurse, and as such I do know a lot about what my children may be suffering from…..but since I’m not a doctor I’m not allowed to diagnose.  That’s the law!


In Middle School (or Senior Primary), a teacher objected to this type of note.  Told the child (not the mother,)  it wasn’t acceptable.  On the above grounds, I changed it to – Kid was absent from school because of Illness.  Probably no better grammatically. But legally, it’s fine.


Also, if the school needs to know what was wrong with the kid, they can phone me, write to me, email me.  The Principal, or Deputy Principal, the School Liason Officer,  I’m happy to provide them with a Legal Guessimate of what I consider is wrong with my child (medically lol, let’s not discuss everything that I think is wrong with them!)


I don’t feel the need to give every teacher the ability to discuss these matters in front of a class.

Some days, you do wonder if there is a component in the teaching curriculum at university that covers Privacy.


And so we come back to the Sick Note.


Last week, I finished a shift in my new job.  I took my silenced phone out of my pocket, as I walked to the car to start the 2 hour journey home.

There was a message from the school.  I was tempted to look at it after I got home.  But, I braved up, and looked.


Teenager absent from school today, please phone school and notify reason for absence.


Two problems with this:


1)  We don’t have mobile coverage where we live (ditto many other parents of children who attend this school.)

Funnily enough we won’t know that the teenager is absent from school until next time we are in town.


2)  I don’t take phone calls at work.  If there is a life and death situation, phone me on the work phone, but it better be life and death, or you’ll be sorry.

I have my phone in my pocket, on silent (and not vibrate, because when I’m at work, I’m AT work.)  I do check it at lunchtime, mostly.  But this trip away to work I’d forgotten to pack the charger and the battery was flat.


I knew why the Teenager was absent.  But since her older brother is in charge when I’m not there, I had figured he’d phone them.

As a ‘Not a teenager anymore’ for the last 3 months, he hasn’t quite got his head around phoning the school, yet.


I wrote a Sick Note and sent it with the teenager the next day.


Today we have an absence.   I’m guessing I’ll get a txt next trip to town.


I considered phoning up the school.


I reconsidered.


I opened the computer.  I emailed them a reason for today’s absence.


Hotmail told me I had forgotten to put in a subject line.  So I did.

Sick Note………caution, this email may contain a virus……


The teenager has a viral illness.  Will The Sick Note go Viral?


I didn’t do that.  Why?  Because it’s become apparent to me that there is no Humour component in the teachers course at Uni.

More’s the pity!    Because dealing with Teenagers you really need to have a laugh.


It’s going to become more of a problem, this lack of humour built into teachers………..and here’s why……..


I’ve just realised………when I get my Half Smart Phone anyday now, I should be able to write Predictive Txt Sick Notes.


OMG – I’m just going to love this!  Happy, Happy!


And I can maybe include some smiley’s and some unsmiley’s, and even (just try and stop me) some cranky faces!


Finally!  A useful use for Predictive Txt!




I’m so looking forward to seeing what sort of reasons predictive txt comes up with.  I’m so going to enjoy this!

And I won’t be able to be blamed for any grammatical errors either.  Oh lovely!


I’m sure some of those predictive reasons are going to be coffee spitting at the screen type things.

(May even have to give the Teenager more days off if they are funny enough!)  😀

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