The New Recruit

Well our new recruit – a little white and apricot fluffball is settling into his new home.  Sadly his previous family couldn’t keep him as they were renting.  I have to say he’s a very easy dog to have around so I don’t see the problem the owners could have had.


He was a little over awed by the long trip in the ute with mum.  He sooked a good deal of the way.  He made some friends with the CountryLink Busdriver who is also an animal lover and who showed me his pictures of his rescue cats.  He has a new property down this way and is looking forward to seeing how many animals it could support……….I guaranteed him 4 horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats would be the least he could manage.  We also met a family of kids who were waiting for the loo.


The big doggies, and the cats (Evil Kitty in particular) were very taken aback by the new recruit.  His name is Tory.


Over the last few weeks he has settled in.   He’s working out who gets up early and who doesn’t.  Who stays up late, and who doesn’t.  He spent a lot of time following me, but has now decided that Techie 2 is a very good person.  Techie 2 is more inclined to give the last piece of food to the dog.  He plays tug of war even when he doesn’t want to.  But he doesn’t get up early.  When Techie 2 stayed overnight at his brothers place Tory was quite upset.  He’d lost another person!

We’ve had some pretty cold weather, so we bought him a stripey jumper.  He’s not impressed!  And he hasn’t had to wear it too much since he ventures out for a quick whizz in the morning and is back inside before you are.  Sometimes when it’s wet, or very very cold he stands at the top of the steps and watches you in the yard………d@mn dog!

Last weekend we took him for a walk around the farm, checking fences.  It was pretty exciting.  Those tussocks are pretty big for a little dog.  He ran across the gully getting his feet wet in the freezing water, and then discovered that it was deeper further up and he had a very chilly belly.

He barks at the horses – can’t be having them around the house.  He chased them once, till they chased him back!  Now he’s brave on the people side of the fence.

This week we took him for his first walk on the fire trail with the big doggies.  This is him when we got back.  The cat was in his basket so he had to get up on the lounge.  It was a big effort.  He did really well, Kept up all the way – altho I had to pick him up and carry him past the horses who were waiting for dinner.

He’s a very tired dog tonight.

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