The Inconsistency of Teenagers!

Ok so I know you know that teenagers are inconsistent!

But they’re driving me batty right now and I have to get it all out somewhere!

Turn off the computer if you don’t want to hear.  Or put your fingers in your ears and go lalalala!  Oh and close your eyes as well.


Can you still love someone (especially a teenager)  if you want to spiflicate them?

Actually I think loving someone is a prime reason for wanting to.


Spiflicate – what does it mean – no idea!

Sounds great tho.  Sounds like it would be enjoyable for the spiflicator and not too painful for the spiflicatee.



Let’s just say that you are going to your father’s for Christmas and New Year’s.

And let’s say said father has booked your plane flight on a day when your mother is working.

And let’s say that you don’t have your licence because………..well because you don’t need a licence do you?

And let’s say that you won’t ring up the taxi company because it’s not your job is it?

Let’s just suppose that you are WRONG!


Oh and don’t forget that you will need picking up from Here or There or Somewhere because you still don’t need a licence.


Where is the inconsistency?  Well apart from the licence, your father is telling you the details of the travelling.

You can’t drive, you don’t know what days I’m working.

You don’t care.  You are old enough to take care of yourself.  You don’t have any money.  You can’t get yourself there.


All the best, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Bon Voyage…………a boat trip with the owl and the pussycat might be quite nice around now…………….as long as there was a nice cold bottle of white on board as well.  I’ll wear my life jacket in case I fall overboard.


You have to love the holiday season don’t you?


Well, me neither at the moment.  Deep breaths, stay away from teenagers till blood pressure drops……………..around the middle of next year I’m thinking.    Is it too early for a drink?  Or should I have started years ago?


I’ll go now and give my head a little tap on a brick wall just to ease the pain, and then back to parenting again.


Ahh life – there’s nothing like it when you’re a parent.


A useless parent who isn’t worth speaking to one day………a wallet, a chaffuer, a note writer for the teacher, a person to listen to me when I’m down, the next.


You do get long service leave when you’re a parent don’t you?  Don’t you?

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