The garden – sustaining itself.

Well I had a busy week and just looked at the new front herb and vege garden.  It’s not looking bad.

Rainbow chard in front garden

There’s some awesome Rainbow Chard (or pretty silverbeet for us aussies.)

And there’s some great lettuce action going on there near the stairs.

The red onions are looking good as well, and really liking being next to the roof dripline.

Line of red onions

But I’m looking for the new seedlings that should be coming up.  And before I see them I’m seeing some cracking going on with the topsoil we used.  I shouldn’t actually be seeing the topsoil through the hay mulch.  But I am.


So I’ve watered the garden bed.

And I’ve  got the Teen boy to mulch the baldy spots with more hay.  And I’ve watered that hay in.


So we’ve remulched over the seedlings coming up.  The radish, the lettuce, the rainbow chard, the carrots and possibly some leeks.  And yes I’ve said to son – they will indeed come up through the extra layer of mulch……………d@mn I bluddy hope so!

Ornamental grape with tiny bunches of grapes

Here’s a look at the ornamental grape we planted, complete with tiny bunches of grapes, and the shadecloth we put behind to keep the dogs out, and stop the weeds from encroaching from under the house – it looks good and it easy to do.

Seedless green grape

This is the seedless green grape getting very leafy, not as early to start as the ornamental one, but looking good.  And next to it, is the Santa Rosa Tomato plant that I got from a stall in town.  There’s a Big Beef tomato at the other end of the garden.  Can’t wait till they settle in.


I really hope that all the new seedlings come up well.  That they are healthy, hearty, and organically inclined.  Well with all the manure tea I’m pouring on they SHOULD be organically inclined.

Tray of beetroot seedlings


But if they’re not?  You know this is a difficult climate and a difficult soil.  So if you’re not choc full of vegetable stamina then you’re maybe not the vegetable for us.

Garden bed made from a bed base


This is one of the Garden Beds.  There are two of them – they are the wooden edges of bed springs.  Seemed a shame to take them to the tip, They make great edging and the dogs seem to avoid them because they have edges.  There’s snow peas at the back, and radish, rainbow chard, and possibly turnips in this one.  I’ve just planted Gramma, cucumbers, and pumpkiins around the edges, and they will wander off over the grass as they did last year on the front lawn.


I want some diversity of vegetables.  I want some choice.  But I NEED them to be capable of sustaining themselves or they will become more of a problem than a food source and a relaxing hobby, and a relaxing of the supermarket purse strings!

Oh I nearly forgot a photo of the Broadbeans out the back!

5 rows of broadbean plants out the back in the fruit and nut forest


We’ve just got some more supplies to get the rest of the garden beds happening, so there will be some tidier looking photos next time.  But it’s really starting to come together now.  Need to get the watering systems in place so it’s less intensive, but we’re excited to be eating the first snowpeas, bigger and bigger rainbow chards, and lettuce for the BLT’s.

Three dogs lying in the shade of a tree


As always, we were strictly supervised by the Vegetarian Dog, Just Your Average Kelpie and The New Recruit.    Quality control at its strictest!

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