The Chook Harem

Ok so I’ve bitten the chook bullet!


No, I have not been out shooting chooks!  Heaven forbid!


But I have been down to the old chook house (hen house? Chicken coop even) and filled the nesting boxes with hay, the floor of the chook house with hay (I put rocks on the holes in the floor…………mouses?  or snakes?  A BIG rock)


A tree growing out of the chook house


I needed to fix the clips on the hen house door (an old security screen door) and no, I have no nails………..many types and sizes of screws but no nails.


It’s kind of important, since there are foxes everywhere here in the country.  And they are not selective.  They do not take a chook or two.  They kill them all.  When I told my daughter I needed nails and had none………as a country raised child she said ‘So is there anyone in this mountainous place who might have some nails?’


And so I went onto facebook and asked a local single mother if she had any spare nails.  We went through her shed and found three.  Luckily, since I needed two and one of the nails shot off into the air and landed ‘who knows where’ in the grass.


Now if you’re wondering why I had to find another single mother to ask for nails here’s the reason………….there’s no way on God’s Green Earth (it’s spring, or I’d be saying God’s Brown Earth) that I am going to go up to any of the blokes around town and say ”I’ve got enough screws, but I need a few nails mate……can you help me out?’


No, I’m sorry, I’m just not going there with that conversation!


So we got our three girls – Isa brown crosses with Rhode Island Reds.  Shirley, Laverne and just a month older Hotlips Hoolihan aka Margaret.


The hens


I looked at the little girls – not quite point of lay (pol) and looked at Evil Kitty and Real Kay (the cats who rabbit for us) and thought…….oohhh scary!


The chooks are to free range.  REAL  FREE  RANGE – really freely, in fact!


They have this house!


And they have this ‘wood’ – well it’s an area of suckering plums but it’s a chook forest.




They’ll get some hormone- and antibiotic-free chook feed.  They’ll get some roasted egg shells for grit.




But then they’ll be OUT THERE!  In the wild green yonder……………90 acres of grass (noxious weeds) and native plants.  Now that’s free range.


Another hen


It could even mean ECO EGGS.   Whatever the heck they are.


A certain person had been advertising the option of a free rooster – so I took them up on the offer.  And so we became the proud owners of a Rooster.


The rooster


Do we need a rooster?  Well, no I don’t really want to raise chickens because imo 90% of the chickens will be roosters (and we won’t eat anyone we’ve known.)  But a rooster might, just might frighten Evil Kitty off.  And might be useful if an eagle decides chicken is on the menu.  But I’m wary since the last rooster we had was quite randy.  The poor chooks were almost bald from his attentions.  And the first person I mentioned the rooster to, said they’d had 40 chooks and hadn’t kept the rooster busy.  And the second person said ………………yes let’s not go there.


Feeling a little anxious here now.


So we brought home………..Frank Burns.  Yes, I know……….Margaret, but  Margaret, you know you want to.


Two nights on his own in the 2nd chook house while the girls free ranged.  Not a happy chappy.


Let him out.  Well, let’s continue the saga later……………


Rooster and the hens




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