Teenage girls and clothes

I think we’ve had a break through.  My teenage daughter is cleaning her room.  Going through her clothes.  Sorting them out.  Putting the winter ones away (although it may feel like winter again next week.)  And putting clothes out for the op  shop.  Bargain!  Only downside really is she says she’ll need more clothes now!

I’m not getting sucked into that one just yet though.  After the wintries are put into the top of the cupboard, and op shop ones gone, then I will survey the remaining.  Because that girl child of mine seems to buy more clothes than I see her wear.  She has the usual habit of wearing her most favourite outfit everywhere.  So really she only needs one or two outfits at a time.  Until you wear it out, grow out of it, or hate it – then we don’t need to buy anymore!  Now that is a bargain.  Thankfully she doesn’t have expensive tastes.  We usually find a lot of those Teen Shops that don’t charge much;  its all about quantity not quality.  Let’s face it – even if they didn’t shoot upwards like weeds on steriods, they are not going to want to wear that weird little skirt, that unusual top, that odd looking jacket for several years.  I’ve met adults who felt Classic was over rated since they didn’t want to wear the same dress for years and years……….although their husbands did look quite smitten with the idea.

Guess it will be time to attack my wardrobe again now.  I’ve lost some weight.  I would like a tidy cupboard.  I’d like something new and interesting.  Maybe I can go shopping while the girl child is at her fathers………….although being a girl she will notice I have new clothes the minute I put them on!  Maybe her father will have taken her shopping and we’ll both be frocked up in style.  I could even get the new overlocker out and see if I can work out how to make things with it.  Almost looking forward to it now.

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