Spider Bombs and Septic Tank Day…My Life

Yes, it’s true My Life is Awesome.

Mainly because the septic tank is not playing up…yet.  So I’ve time to put the activator in the tank and let the good bugs do their thang.


The council wants to bring in compulsory pump outs for rural properties on a regular basis.  If people use activators then you don’t need to.  You just need to put what does the work for you, in there.


I don’t know why they don’t get that concept.  Although I’m guessing if they did they’d want you to pay someone else to do it for you, not believing it can be so cheap and easy….I do like cheap and easy, along with organic and useful.


Of course, there are limits.

And spiders are my limits.  If there’s one thing bound to get me cussing and screaming and leaping about on chairs, it’s spiders.  The huntsmen – not sposed to be too deadlly – only I’ll die of fright one day.


They are so LARGE, and not friendly looking at all.


You wake up, and open your eyes, and there they are on the ceiling above you.

Insert extreme cussing here.


Of course, if you kill it, where is it going to land?


Such a hard decision.


My kids will catch and relocate them when they are home.

Slight problem there, if spider gets away before they can contain them.


So today I am going to spider bomb half the house.  The other half on payday.

First have to find the cat and put Evil Kitty outside.  Lock the cat flap from outside.

Cover the fish.

Turn off anything that might spark.


And set the bombs.


The nasty part is having to come back in to open the windows and let the place air out again.  Hard to hold your breath that long.  And Evil Kitty can be quite quick at slipping in the door as you go in.


It also doesn’t tick the boxes or cheap and easy.  Easy, but expensive.

Nor organic and useful.  Definately not organic, although I find them very useful.  Doesn’t stop all spiders.


It does cut down on Frightening Scenes of Summer.


Well I’m off to find the  cat now….

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