Spammers? Or Auto correct? Smart phones

Ok, spammers don’t all have english as a 2nd language.  Although seems like a lot of them do.


I’m getting some spam that is obviously written by someone who speaks and writes english well.  And a couple of words or a line, will even be On Topic.  But when you follow the link back, its totally unrelated.  Spam again.


Remember the hissy fit I had about son putting the 9 times tables into a box at the bottom of posts, for comments?  I actually thought of using it the other day!


He’s workiing to keep them out (Techie two, that is) and doing a d@mn sterling job.  But the spammers are very prolific.   And quite sterling themselves, in their efforts, the beggars.  And if I wasn’t the recipient of their efforts, I’d applaud their flipping persistence!


And then there’s auto correct.


Yes, I’ve got a new/old phone.  A semi smart phone.  A phone with auto incorrect.  Otherwise known as auto gramatical incorrect.


I do believe that auto correct is written by spammers.  It’s the only explanation.


Even when you get a list of words you’d like/look/love/loiter/lucerne to use, and you pick like?  Right?  It will still lucerne your txt or post.


People you know, grammar and spelling police type people…………..suddenly appear to have had some injury to their grammar/spelling (gunman/spitting) centres and look like they may in fact be one of those spammers who have english as a second or third language.


It’s quite disconcerting/disappointing/displeasing/dessert/desertdwellers/dinosaurs.

Immensely/immutable/immunological/ignoramus annoying, as well.


And then there’s the rudeness involved.


Have just seen a post somewhere.  And it seemed like it might be from a spammer, using some poor me tactics/truancy/tyrannical/tertiary.  Or it could be someone who has a few issues, and a sm@rt@arse phone that is making them look suspicious/snotty/superfluous/snappy.


So I’m not posting back to them as I normally would.  Because you don’t need anymore spammers in your life.

And no one else is either.


Is there someone there, trying to use their sm@rt@rse phone to keep in touch, and wondering why no one answers them?  Do they feel invisible?


Spammers have a lot to be accountable for.  More than you think really.


So, if you are having trouble with people, and you have a sm@rt@arse phone – it might not be that no one can see or hear you.  It may be that we’re just not sure if you can do your 9 times tables.


Teenagers have often been denigrated/delighted/disinterred/doesn’t for having little spelling and grammatical skill/skit/skirt/scotch.


I think that it must really be like living in one of those ‘Wordfind’ puzzles for them now.

Only all the words are not there.  You just have to figure it out.


And if enough words are missing it can be mighty off course.


Smartphones…………not yet they aren’t.

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