Rooster, rooster! How many roosters are too many?

Ok here’s a question. You all know I have Frank (Hawkeye) without his Magaret these days. And he is very cool.


He looks pretty (even with his toe deformity) and he seems to look after the girls well without giving them too much of a hard time.


Our Frank

So one of the Tic Tacs seems to be turning into a rooster. Just the beginnings. Redder comb and slightly larger than the other one same age. But he doesn’t seem to be aggressive. In fact, he and Frank seem to be getting on very well. Maybe it’s not just Frank’s toe that’s bent?

Maybe his fancy lies in another direction?


A couple of days ago I went down the hill to the chook house, hoping to lock up the chooks a little earlier than usual as I was going out for dinner.


Really Real K

I was met outside the gate by Real K one of our cats.  Real K and I walked down the hill to be met near the bottom by Frank, and shoulder to shoulder (or wing to wing) was Tic (or Tac).  I was a bit peeved, because obviously all the chooks hadn’t gone to bed yet, and since I didn’t have any food on me, it could be a bit of a hassle getting the boys into the chook house.


The thing with chooks is, that as soon as one goes in, one, or more, come out.  So you can start out with one chook still out – and end up with one chook IN, and that’s on a good evening.


I’m hoping it’s a Daylight Saving/Summer problem – or I can hear myself screaming out ‘Get your flipping, flopping, flapping selves into the flipping, flopping, flappy chook house, right flapping NOW’ as I run around in the sleet and the snow.


So Real K and I herded a Tic, or a Tac, into the chook house, and tried to stop Shirl and Tac (or Tic) from coming out.  The girls were up on the perches running back and forth.

Frank didn’t want to go in.  Real K wanted a pat and to go home, but th0ught he’d pop his head into the chook house anyway.  No, just NO, Real K.


I realised later that it was Real K that was the problem.  The Boys – Frank and his apparent new Apprentice Tic (or Tac) had put the girls into the hen house, then come up hill together (shoulder to shoulder) to deal with him.


And here’s the problem.  I’m thinking that poor Frank gets a bit stressed with his Manly Duties of looking after The Girls.  And I wonder….since Frank and Tic (or Tac) are getting on so well, could they live together?


Son asked when I said Tic (or Tac) was going back because he was getting his boy head decorations, can’t he stay if we have enough girls?


So I need to know, and please DO comment.  I’d like your thoughts – your experiences – of two roosters in the one place.


We do have two sides to the chook house, so could realistically have two groups.


But do roosters always start fighting when they are both adults?


Someone said they once had a rooster and 20 chooks weren’t enough to keep him busy!  Frank is struggling with a couple of them!

Mind you he is getting chased at times by the New Recruit, so it’s not all beer and skittles for him.


Are there any precedents for multiple roosters?   I’ve kind of got used to him, and it seems Frank may have as well.


Or will he morph into a Rooster Monster who wants to do that To The Death thing that people bet money on in certain cultures?



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