RIP Little Learner Driver Car

It’s that time of the year again.


Foggy time. 4 hour round trip last night to return the girl child to her new abode. Has been a good week and a half. Found a newer little car for her, pick up is not till friday though, and rego  on the other long lived little beastie, out at midnight last night. Hence the midnight run to take her back after she brought the car home.


Now, anyone remember how to steal petrol out of a car? She inadvertently 3/4 filled the car up when she stopped for petrol….and it’ll be going to waste! All criminal comments appreciated, TIA ūüėÄ

100 hours of driving to go…..kill me now!

You have to love a little learner driver car with the number plate starting UOH! ¬†Rather appropriate really. ¬†I didn’t even notice till I’d purchased the little beastie, how very appropriate it was.


It has been an awesome little car. ¬†Taught 2 1/2 kids how to drive. ¬†Dodged roos, although one managed to smack off the side view mirror, but there’s always gaffa tape for things like that. ¬†It has crawled up Brown Mountain with 4 people in it. ¬†Swung around our mountainous bends ¬†Dodged logging trucks taking up 3/4 of the road on a straight, and 4/4 on the corners. ¬†Evaded lunatic locals who believe the song – Roadway to Heaven….oh no, that’s Stairway to Heaven folks….Highway to Hell, that’s the one.

The Road is long...
The Road is long…

All that and much, much more. ¬†The conveyor of hay when Mum’s ute is busy elsewhere. ¬†A fill in car for another driver when their car went to Car Heaven unexpectedly.

There could be food in this car
There could be food in this car

Daughter is a bit sad.  After perfecting that tricky clutch in city traffic, she now has to learn to take off fast enough for those city roundabouts, in another car.




Such a brave little car.  So many kilometres travelled.  So many teen-mum arguments survived.

A rest from the road for you.  Maybe a little paddock bashing and gear crunching still in your future.

You’ve been an awesome little beastie and I am so glad we managed to find you all those years ago.


Looking for a cross road in your life?


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