Reading, writing, but none of that ‘rithmetic!

Well this is getting a bit exciting.  We’re getting closer to Mum’s New WhizzBang Website Launch!


There’ll be the blog’s.  The photo’s will be getting resized over a period of time.  But there will be some interesting things to buy as well.

There will be a couple of e-books.  With more coming.

There will be the motivational Mp3 subliminal audio’s that are already available on everything from (shock horror) Liking Housework to Weightloss help.  And if you’ve been to my house you’ll know that I definately haven’t got the Liking Housework one!


But there will be another new thing coming.  I’m going to be an affiliate with Amazon.  So if you want to order books whether print or e-books, kindle you can order them through my site and  I will get a small commission from Amazon when you do.  And like drips from a leaky tap, those small commissions can add up over time to a whole tank full of water……….or maybe a small bankful of money 😉

I love books.  Atho I’m starting to think seriously about a Kindle as my hands get achey in this really cold weather when I’m holding heavy books.  My kids love books.

And here’s where I would like some help.  I’d love you to ask your kids if they would do a book review for me.  And for those with very young children if you would do a book review on what book you liked/didn’t like the most; and what caught the attention of those toddlers.


So, here are some categories:

The reason I’ve divided the older groups into boy/girl is that I find books are a little like movies these days.  There are some that everybody loves.  There are a few crash bang movies that boys seem to hanker after, but quite a lot of girls can enjoy.  But there are a lot of ‘chick flick’ equivaent books out there that boys just don’t seem to get into.

I’m going to add one more category:

I want to know from people with kids who are struggling with reading for whatever reasons, what book made the difference for your child?

What was is that made them take to reading.

This is a special interest to me.  My boys had vision problems and struggled with reading and they started to get the hang of it around the 3rd Harry Potter Book.  I started reading the books to them – small amounts each night, all of us in my bed (including the baby sister who doesn’t seem scarred for life by all the violence that happened in the books – altho she may have gained her attitude in life from Hermione, and the giant snot booger.)

By the end of book 4 I think the boys were reading for themselves, and I had to start patrolling bedrooms to make sure someone didn’t have a torch under the covers to read the rest of the book because they coudn’t stand the suspense.


I think what I’d like to do is have an open competition to get things started.  I’m going to ask people to allow their children to do a book review on a book of their choice in their age group section.

We’re going to choose by putting names in a riding helmet in categories!  Because it’s not always about spelling and grammar – enthusiasm for or against a book is sometimes more useful.  And then I’ll run series of revews for age groups and books.


Really looking forward to this.   I hope that parents as well as kids will find it a handy resource when you’re looking for books for presents or just the next good read.


I’ll be putting the names into the riding helmet and getting my kids to choose a winner out of each category.  I’m going to be giving out $10 amazon gift vouchers to each winner.  It’s a start on your next book.


I’m going to put up the reviews with a first name and age.  I want parents and kids to be able to look at the book review site to see what other kids thought of the books.  You’ll be able to see what was liked and disliked.

Any parents who want to notify me of their views on the level of maturity required for  some of the teen books in particular, it will be very welcome and will be added as a parental advisory section on each book.


Thanks so much for helping out with this section of the blog.


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