Raising the soil level

As I’ve mentioned before we have quite thin topsoil here. Lots of rock in the form of small and large peices everywhere, and large rock formations just under and just above the top soil.
It’s often hard to grow things for longer than 18 months to 2 years as they are likely to hit rock somewhere by then.

Tarp over compost


We’ve been raising plants on little hillocks with some success. But we are now trying to fill in the spaces between them as we go.
Son has been filling in with grass clippings, there was a hillock of topsoil we bought, but it ended up being so depleted in minerals that it stayed in it’s little hill. And then there were two bags of complimentary sheep poo.

Berry bushs


It’s looking like rain. In fact, there has been two very short light flurries of windy rain already. I’m praying for some heavier stuff.

I went out and put the sheep poo over the grass clippings. Also above all the plants, so that it washes the nutrients downhill as it goes.
I put some one the depleted soil, then covered it with old grass clippings.


Chinese gooseberry bush


We have a pile of ‘fast compost’ that wasn’t as fast as expected, and we plan to use that to make small areas in the raised line to plant into.

We have just received a delivery of green manure seed for cooler climates and will be sowing this in as well and then slashing it down. It’s woolly pod vetch, oats, fenugreek, and subclover. That will be going in/on garden when son gets back. That’s his baby.


There’s lot of weeds out there atm, but they are staying, as in between where the horses have trodden it down around feed bowls in winter the ground is hard and compacted. We’re planning to replace weeds with good ground and plants. Not get rid of one before the other two are ready. The weeds are protecting the ground, and put back what they took out when they die there.

Hoping that next year the part we did this year, looks so much better. And that we can get another part started, and just keep going.

We have to work with the paddocks too. So there will be lots happening out there too.

Really, really need to get this place on the up again.

Will be a Forever Work in Progress. 🙂

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