Psycho Garden!

OMG what is happening with the world these days?  After decades of drought here in Australia we are being flooded with water!  Last year we had terrible floods where many lives were lost and shattered.  Where people’s dreams, houses, lifestyes were shattered.  It was awful.  As shocking and awful as our ‘usual, expected’ bushfires are shocking.

As I’ve mentioned before, we live on the Monaro (that’s pronounced Mon-air-O not Mon-ahr-O) Snowy New South Wales.  Usually land of drought, land of freezing cold, land of late and early frost (so close they almost meet up), land of seering dry heat, and land of the thinnest topsoil.  I am mightily sick of people at nurseries who tell me a plant is fairly frost tolerant…………how about one or two early dumps of snow?  Around April usually, a lot of 0C and -10C?  And a lot of frosts, right thru to Christmas, and sometimes another in January as well?  Fabulous!  Now, just out of interest, this frost tolerant plant can stand 35C?  With a blistering wind?  Freezing wind from one side?  Blistering wind from the other?

Well this year we have had so much freaking rain it’s just not funny!  Cold, freezing, blistering heat, wind, wind and more bloody wind – that is just normal.  But this year we have had rain, rain, hail, one bluddy storm after another (4 in one night) and flooding.

We’ve had a major road over the mountain to the coast literally just fall away – scary!  But it’s putting huge pressure on two other roads to the coast.

Junge time

In between all that, we’ve had our No-dig garden happening.  Remember the photos of boxes?  And hay, and compost, and a beer in one hand and a hose in the other?  That was very, very late spring, due to the very late, very short summer.  Lately the garden has Just Gone Psycho!  It’s ike a mad green jungle out there.  And due to work on the farm and then the mower dying (yes, ok, that was our fault!)  The grass is knee high in places and only ankle high in others.  I feel a trifle cautious out there since we scared that huge tiger snake out of the grass up near the dam and it took off at the speed of light, last seen slipping thru the grass……you guessed it!  Straight towards the house yard.  OMG I’m not entirely wild about all wildife!

Now where did I put that again?

The tomatoes are swollen;  there are these HUMONGOUS green ‘things.’  Nobody is entrirely sure what they are.  But there are sooooo many of them!  I’ve taken photos of them in situ.  And of us holding them up – man they are heavy.  And of them grouped around on the table.  With the pack of potatoes we dug out as well.  Couldn’t leave them in longer in case the excessive rain made them go mouldy.

Ah, here tis!

Due to being in the straw with only a little dirt though, they are almost clean when you pick them.

The Huge Big Green things – kind of look like green versions of those Halloween Pumpkins.  Coles have been getting them in the last few years.  I’d always wondered who in their right mind hollowed out pumpkins………….thinking Queensland Blues and how hard they are to do anything with except roast till they are more user friendly (but super tasty for soups and roast punkin, and for mash as well.)  The Huge Big Green (HBG) things are easy to cut.    The seeds taste like watermelon by the way.

Whatever this is, it is an odd vegetable.  Not your highly specific gourmet food.  But seems to be one of those less tasty but very filling vegetabes that can be useful if you ‘do things to them.’

Big Green Thing

There will be some fun had with this vegetable anyways. And at the very least, it can be recycled thru the compost into next seasons garden.  That’s on the books now too!  The next garden that is.

New potatoes


Supervisor on Duty!
Looking good

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