Poultry Electric Netting…

I have a special breed of Houdini Chooks. Who knew?

After some of them being in cages all their lives, they now think they have a right to the entire farm…including the inside of the kelpies mouth.


Hugely expensive electric netting purchased and picked up for speed.


I say speed with tongue in cheek, as we got lost twice trying to find the place to pick it up, and then realised we were nearly out of fuel and had to go back to the last seen service station, praying all the way.


It was the longest trip I’ve been on for a while.


Same not erected yesterday as the ground is a little rocky in parts, a lot steep in parts, and I had to saw and chop my way mid way through the chook forest to avoid the wombat hole.


Yesterday we couldn’t find the wire cutters even though we all knew we’d seen them just recently. ¬†Found this morning not far from where we all searched yesterday.
I have tried to put the fence up on the edge of the gully as it’s very steep and the chooks only go over the edge if chased by a dog. Bad dog.

Today I have been putting guy ropes on, and trying to cut and bend wire to pin the net to the ground.

Whilst I was cutting, bending and pinning, half the chooks let themselves out.

Then some of them wanted to get back in.

The last one out (the one who was desperate as she likes to lay eggs in the hay shed, wouldn’t go under the last bit of fence to be pinned.

There were more galahs than chooks in my enclosure today, which was thoroughly demoralising!

A bit of swearage, and I pinned it and hoped I might catch her and throw her over the fence.


Now I can’t find her. So I’m guessing that she got back in herself.


This is not good; this is not fun; I’m bluddy over it!


Once we make the little van into a chook mobile it should be easier because we can park the mobile chook house in softer, more level ground. But in the meantime…..Get in there and STAY IN THERE!


Any tips on teaching chooks that electric netting is supposed to keep them safe, and IN, would be greatly appreciated.


Next most expensive and annoying thing will be a solar powered automatic door opener and closer.  That should be even more FUN Рhelp!

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