Odds and Sods Curry

We just had the best Odds and Sods Curry we’ve had in a long while.  Not being vegetarians if there is meat, chicken or fish around we mainly put it in.  But at times like today when there is no animal protein it gets interesting.  The kids don’t like my style of cooking – well they do like eating it, they just don’t get the open the fridge/cupboard and see style I use.  So instead of pumpkin, potato, beans, capsicum, corn, chickpeas, zucchini curry, I opened the fridge and discovered most of the vege’s had Gone To God, as we refer to them.  The carrots were hairy, the capsicum was squishy, the zucchini’s were absent, the broccoli seedy, the potato’s green, the pumpkins have a skin condition, and that was pretty much it.  I rescued half a potato, there was the smallest wrinkliest sweet potato, and one large lot of green beans.  So I boiled them and some spiral pasta.  Added Aldi’s Chicken Korma Curry (known in our house as Aldi’s Chickenless Korma Curry) then added a can of red kidney beans and a can of corn.  It was totally Awesome!  I guess we could also call it the Gone To God Curry!  What comes out of your pantry when there’s nothing much left?  And you live too far for fast food, or the supermarket?

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