Since I live in the country now, neighbours are a different concept.   When we lived in the city, they were a little too close at times.


We’d just moved into our house with kids and dog, when we discovered one of the drawbacks.


A neighbour with a kid.  A teenager with an electric guitar to be precise!

They had one of those houses built sideways on a block, so that the noise of the traffic passes them by.


Which meant that when they sent the teen to his room to play, he shut the door on them.

He opened the window to us.  And he turned up the volume.

I remember it clearly 19 years later, that’s how loud it was!

I was getting dinner ready in the kitchen.  The german shepherd was pressed up against the glass door.

The glass door was vibrating with the volume of sound.  Had to let the dog in, he couldn’t be expected to put up with that.


I’m not sure if they were the same neighbours that lived there when my boys started in the Brass Band.

I hope they were.  I used to send the boys out onto the upstairs deck to practise.  It wasn’t loud.  It wasn’t electric.

But it sure was repititious!


When we moved to the country, we got settled and then joined the band down here.

Boy came home with cornet.

Started trying to play again.



Everytime he hit a note, the cows would moo.  We didn’t stay in the band long – I think the cows were happy about that 😀

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