Mum's summer fun

You know how it is – you put the washing out in the blazing heat and keep the cycle going all day.  One lot on the line, one in the basket and another in the machine.  You think you’ll get it all done, and just as you put the last, really heavy things on the line and collapse somewhere for a few minutes of quiet R & R with a cold drink and a book – here comes the wind, here comes the clouds, out to get the…………too late the storm beats you to the line and you can leave it there or bring it in wetter than it went out ;(

I have a new storm warning alarm system – Just Your Average Kelpie!  The sun will be blazing, not a breath of wind, not a cloud in the sky, not a drop of rain.  But there he is whinging at the screen door (and luckily its a security screen – security from JYAKelpie.)  Then he starts trying to fit through the cat flap.  And he does.  He almost brings the doors off their hinges but he gets in.  Runs to the furthest room of the house and jumps onto the bed.  Luckily that’s usually Techie 2’s bed.  There’s no doubt about it – the storm will gust in within the 1/2 to 1 hour and then be over.  But my washing will be in and the next lot ‘not out’ until the storm is over.

This in JYAKelpie ON the lounge rather than UNDER it!

He’s fabulous.  No  batteries required.  Never sleeps on the job.  He is officially The Biggest Sook on This Earth!

Normally our dogs are on their leads overnight or when we aren’t at home, because living in a country area you can’t afford for them to roam through someone’s paddocks.  And let’s face it – to a kelpie, chooks = fast food.  Just not fast enough to get away.  At one stage, in an effort to keep Knic Nac off my garden beds (she did love a good garden session when she was little) I put some electric fencing around the sides and back of the house.  They had the back and one side.  I had the other side and the front – unless they were supervised.  It worked for ages.  Until the first storm.  I was at work.  Came home – back door wide open……interesting.  I go into the house a little tentatively….and there under the lounge is JYAKelpie – shaking like a furry brown leaf, ears flat to his head, eyes pleading………..OMG Mum, I thought you’d never come home!   I’ve had the door frame fixed – I asked the builder to use ‘Hardwood – very bluddy Hardwood, please.’

I don’t remember our dogs being so frightened of thunder when I was a kid.  Maybe they were and I just didn’t notice.  But the little dog across the road is too.  Try taking JYAKelpie for a walk when someone is shooting – nah ahhh it’s thunder to him and therefore scary.  We had a german shepherd cross when the kids were little.  We had two big sliding glass doors onto the deck.  The screens on them weren’t security screens.  There was a little tear in one of the screens.  I’d left the glass doors  open to keep the breeze going through the house as the storm approached, and as I walked past the second screen I could see the dogs head.  He’d shoved at the little tear so hard his head had come through.  He looked like one of those ‘Moose head on the wall’ type things.  Looked hilarious although he wasn’t impressed.

There’s a little whinging on the deck.  I’d best go and get the washing in.

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