Mum on the internet



Here we are on ‘Whatever day it is’ afternoon.


I’ve got a glass of red.


I’m being gently remonstrated (ie hauled over the coals) by Techie 2 for my Internet NonSavvy.


And daughter is sitting opposite, sneaking glances at me and muttering phrases in Spanish.


Ermagerd!   What do people without kids do for fun?


Working hard here, trying to dodge problems like one of those computer games.


They’re raising the retirement age, and threatening all sorts of crap that I don’t want to know about.


And then there’s an anatomically named issue on the internet and I should change all my passwords.


FFS!!  If I could remember any of them in the first place it would be a freaking miracle!


Kinda makes me want to find them and force them to give me a list of them 😀


And just to save those busy little beavers out there on the internet!  None of my passwords feature the word dementia.  OK?  Good.


I’m sure Techie 2 is worse than I ever was, over the maths homework.

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