Motivation…………..Why do you need it?

I don’t know why you need it!  I know why I need it.  Here’s the thing – I want to be so much;   I want to do so much;  I want to have so much.

So much what? you might ask.  And there’s the problem.  I don’t really want so much money;  I don’t really want to go so many places;  I don’t really want to have so much ‘stuff’;   I want more of what’s important to me.


What’s important to me?  Happiness?  Well happiness is a result, not  a something.   And everyone’s ideal result ie happiness would be a little different. A little different for them and for them at different times of their life.


For me?  Right now?  Spending more quality time with my kids while they are still teenagers and know everything 😉


If you’ve looked around my blog you’ll have seen that I love them, and that they drive me crazy;   that they challenge me to be a more complex person that I would otherwise be.  So, quality is not just spending time.  Quality, for me, is having the ability to be able to relax with them and gain some of their enthusiasm for life, energy for new ideas and experiences;   sadly, something  I find I lack at times, as I get older and more bogged down in ‘Life as I know it.’   I love it that hanging out with young people – my own and other people’s tends to make me feel like I’ve been plugged into a battery charger.  I’ve just spent 3 days in a youth hostel.  And loved it.   Would I want to live in one forever!  No.  But what a buzz listening to them talk about life.  It’s infectious if you let it be.


The other thing that I would find happiness in is the ‘where.’


I live in a really beautiful place.  It’s quite challenging too!  Hmmm, are you seeing a pattern here?    If it’s not challenging, it’s not worth having?  That could be something I might look at.


Why do I need motivation?  Because I can’t get  to where I want to be.  Because I can’t even see or say how I want my life to be a lot of the time!


I’ve just finished a 3 day workshop with Paul Blackburn.  Well with Paul, his wife Mary, and their team.  It was a Resolving the Money Riddle Workshop.  They also have a Resolving the Relationship Riddle workshop and a Resolving the Mindset Riddle workshop.  The thing is that it doesn’t really matter which one you are attending because the problems are the same.  What’s between your ears (in your mind) is what causes you to soar and to fall in your life.


Knowing that won’t change your life though.  Knowing why you do things (or don’t do them) and knowing what to do about that is what helps.


If you’re like me, you’d like to wave a magic wand and have things transformed for you.  And if you’re like me you know it’s not going to happen.  It’s scary thinking what you might have to admit to yourself about yourself, if you want to move on from some of your problems.  Yeah, like I really want to get my fears about my abilities or lack of them out into the open and discuss them……………NOT!  But I’d seen PaulBlackburn talk elsewhere and I liked his style.  And he’s funny.  If it’s going to be painful I’d like to have a laugh as well thanks.  So off to the Resolving the Money Riddle workshop I went.


The workshop is over, and I’m back home now.  And you know what?  It wasn’t painful at all!  In fact, on the first day I thought – Hmm, well if it’s going to be this easy it probably won’t be as effective as I was hoping for………..

How wrong can you be.  By the time the 2nd day finished I was feeling very positive about things.  I’d looked at fears, even talked about them with other people, and we’d learned skills to help ourselves and others.  By the middle of day 3 most people were feeling that they had already learned enough to take them on a journey of their own choosing.


We were learning to picture and put into words what our journey as well as our goals were.  Although we were attending a Money Riddle workshop, people were talking about their families, their workplaces, their relationships.  In fact, once or twice Paul had to remind us to focus on the financial aspects as we were so aware of how useful this was to all our life.


At the end of the 3 days, I didn’t feel as I expected to – wrung out by the self exploration, and having to be brave and push myself to do the work or lose out.  It wasn’t just Paul Blackburn either.  His wife Mary also did some presentations and discussions and the Beyond Success team, helping out at the event were as supportive.  The atmosphere at the workshop was postive and nurturing.  I felt excited to be challenged.  And I felt pleasantly happy with the results.

No, I wasn’t jumping out of my chair shouting ‘Halleluja!’  Not really my style, is it?   😀  But I could feel my cheeks seizing up from the big grin that I couldn’t seem to wipe off my face.


Funnily enough, I’m still as broke as I was before I went.  In fact, just a little broker after I paid for the bus and train to get there and back, and the youth hostel accomodation (yes, last of the big spenders, I am.)  But as I work at getting through till the next payday, I’m thinking to myself.

Well, you can continue to think about things that way, or you could try thinking a different  way.   So I did think about getting through a long week with a short budget, all the way round Aldi.


The best thing, for me, about the workshop was:  I brought it home with me.  I don’t need Paul Blackburn in front of me reminding me all the time.  I do have the meditation audio’s.  But I don’t need them to use what he taught us this weekend.  I’ll be using them to get even closer to what I’m aiming for.  The strategies he taught us were clear, and simple to use.  We mastered them quickly.  And best of all, they are repeatable.  So that you can continue on your journey as you see it in your head.

I’d definitely recommend having a look at their website and seeing if anything there appeals to you.  Whether you’re struggling with procrastinating, parenting, jobs, or just whether you like yourself or not, it’s one of the best things I’ve done.  Learning to look at life as an experience, a learning curve, problems as things that need to be learnt to move on.  Best thing as a parent?  You teach life coping skills to your kids, just by how you behave.  If like me, you’ve genetically and environmentally caused them some issues, showing them coping skills for dealing with those issues helps them at the same time as it helps you.



I like a laugh (you’ll have noticed) and these people know how to laugh, at the themselves, and with you when you find your issues.



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