Literacy, one step along – reading for teenagers.

This post could live in teenagers as well.  Because I’m wondering about the books that are available for teenagers at the moment.  Christmas is what set me off.  Giving books for Christmas to be precise.  My daughter is a voracious reader.  She is mid teens.  One of her aunts loves books and always gives my daughter a voucher for Christmas and Birthdays.  I encourage this as there is no way on earth I could fund her book supply.  I’m seriously considering hiring her out to a few online book stores to read and review the books for teenagers, because she is awesome at reading.

I have loved that my  daughter found reading so easy.  And loved it.  After the early struggle with the boys reading/vision problems it was a huge relief to have one who read so easily and with such enjoyment.  She’s read her way through a whole load of Saddle Club books purchased 2nd hand on Ebay.  Several sets of ‘Fairy’ books. Most of the local library.  Various book vouchers given to her, and a few things I’ve bought.  Trouble is if you don’t buy locally – and sometimes the best books have to be ordered in here, then you have a 90 minute trip home.  And by the time you get home the kids have finished reading their new books and you could put them straight onto Ebay to sell – if only the little beggars weren’t packrats.

So the other day as I was driving along pondering………as you do when you are not supervising a learner driver – I was wondering what books are teenagers reading.  Then I started thinking about the books she has read recently.  The year before last I had a book I’d picked up cheap and I read it first – well actually I read it instead of giving it to her.  It was full of dark little undercurrents of eating disorders, depression, sex for the girl with low self esteem.  Excuse me!  This is not what I want my daughter reading.  She was upset I wouldn’t let her read it.  I don’t THINK that she found the book at the school library or a friend’s place and read it anyway, but she might have.  Then she came home last year with a pile of books she’d purchased with a voucher from her aunt.  Talk about dark reading.  It was about a girl who had a car accident in the first chapter – her whole family was wiped out and she was in a coma – for the rest of the book.  It’s not that I don’t want my daughter reading about serious matters of life sometimes….but not all the time.  Frankly, I wonder to myself as I’m reading them sometimes………is there any wonder that teenagers feel suicidal at times!  They can be very emotional and hormonal, and let me just say – stop worrying about those manky song lyrics you all feel are depressing you teenagers and giving them bad ideas;  that’s nothing to what’s in some of those books.  A lot of those books actually.  My daughter recently told me ‘Don’t read that book Mum, it would make you really sad.’   I find it not only odd, but a little scary that my teen is warning ME about books I shouldn’t read!  As the age-old phrase goes ‘What’s the World Coming To?’

So here’s the deal.  I want to know what books for teens are out there?  What teenagers are reading?  Reading ideas.   But more than that – I want to know what is in them.  I want to see my daughter reading some real life stories.  Some with sad endings.  Some with glad endings.  And some real, real life – where there is no ending, it’s just a part of a big picture.  I want to see her laughing at a book.  Crying over a book.  Reading a book and thinking of many things.  The dark books that I’ve mentioned – the thing that astounds me is how well they are written.  I’m the sort of person who reads and as the story is going into one part of my brain, another part is saying – oh these words just don’t hang well together.  This person was struggling to get these pictures into words for us.  So I especially want to find Well Written Interesting books for Teenagers to enjoy.  I’m going to be researching this now and over January.  So keep this bookmarked – so to speak 😉 so that you don’t miss out on anything I uncover.

Feel free to give me tip offs about authors who write well for the teenage reader.  Specify if it is more appealing to a reader who likes adventure, sci-fi, techie stuff, girlie stuff, boyish stuff (how sexist is that?  but hey I could spend years trying to unsexist my remarks, but then you’d be out of a job) or animal lovers, history lovers.

I love reading – I don’t have time to do all the things I’m interested in.  I don’t have the money to do all the things I’m interested in.  I don’t want to find out for sure how uncomfortable all the things I’m interested in, could be.  So I like to read about them, and then maybe do some of them.  And just dream about the rest from the comfort of my chair on the deck of our farmhouse.

So I’m on a mission to find interesting, well written books for teenagers to read.  I’m also going to see if I can find some for teenagers who struggle with reading.  Because although mine don’t now – I know how sad it can be to see your child unable to tap into that vast source of enjoyment that reading is.


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