Let’s talk about roads, babee.

Let’s talk about cars that won’t go, babee.  Let’s talk about roads!


Heaven help me, the NRMA is getting even better as we speak.  That is the RACV or Q depending if you are in Qld or Vic, and the RAASA in South Australia, and WA……………….my goodness that’s a long way!


So, to you WA friends, do they insist on a xroads location for you?


Son’s car is not going.  Very sad sounding, hard to start and prob not safe to drive into town.


Told him to phone the NRMA.  He needs the car towed to town.


Soooo funny.  He spells the road name.  He spells the ‘location’ name (no towns out here.)  He spells the road name again.  He gives them the property number.  They ask for the nearest x road – hahahahaha!


Son says ‘There are no corners out here!’   Deja vu to me, 4 teens, a horse and a float, on the side of a road.  Not a good day for me, that one.


It seems that the NRMA cannot locate us – we have rural addresses here.  This started around the time we moved here.


It used to be that our road was called one of 3 names.  But now, it has one name.  From the bridge to Whatsit, it is called Whatsit Road.  Simple.


The numbers are worked out on the km’s from the end of the road.  So if the number is 1470 it is 14.7 Kms from the beginning of the road to the gate.  Sound simple?


Not so to people from the city.  As long as you know which end of the road they are measuring from we know where we are, and where everyone else is.  But cityfolk want a x road.


In Broome, do people say the nearest x road is Darwin Road?  Or in Darwin, do they say the Broome Road?


After the NRMA couldn’t find us on their google maps the 2nd time, we gave them 3 alternatives to the road name (the old names.)   And then spelt it all over again.


Thing is – after the local guy gets the message, he’ll phone us, and ask about 3 relevant questions.  And then he’ll know where to come to, what to bring with him, and he’ll say when it will suit him.


But, they just don’t get that bit in the city.

Let me talk to the local bloke, please………………. 🙁


Google maps is awesome.  But google maps aren’t totally foolproof.  Especially when you live, as mentioned a few times, in a mobile black spot.  Seems that you need more than a satellite to be accurate.  Just ask my gps – it’s forever getting the pip with me because it thinks I live 250 metres up the road…………hello!  you’re driving in a paddock now………..Yes, pet I know!  It’s my d@mn paddock!

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