Let’s go back to school

I don’t know why but the school holidays seem to be getting shorter every year!  Well, maybe because the years seem to be going faster as well, but it’s not fair!  I hate making lunches – so I don’t, but I hate the lunches concept.  I also hate the morning rush – living in a house of late afternoon people will do that to you!  And yes, I am one of them.


Going back to school at the beginning of the year is especially painful.  So much growth occurs over the long holidays.  So there’s uniforms to be organised.  It’s been my experience that if checks are in for uniforms, that checks suck.  Ditto spots, stripes, and any dorky colours chosen.  The styles are ‘all wrong’ and ‘nobody wears it.’  It’s also my experience that no matter what style, shape, colour, or print – if it’s mandatory to wear it, then it will cost three times as much as anything else.


That’s why I’m feeling pretty sn@rky about the new ‘logo’ business our school is instigating. You know that you can buy polo’s in school colours that are cheap, and don’t last.  Not really a problem when the kids grow so fast, or end up with paint (which you can never successfully remove) or ink (ditto) so buying lots of cheaper ones works for me.  But the logo is obviously more expensive that the whole shirt – since it’s three times the price if it’s got one.


This year with some interschool competitions it may be that I have to buy ‘something’ with a logo on it.  But I won’t be buying 5 ‘somethings.’  If the teachers are unable to see the invisible logo that we have on our other 4 shirts I’m going to suggest they get their eyes tested – by an opthalmologist (it should take them about 3 years to move up the waiting list for that appointment.)


As for the concept of a logo bringing a school together, filling the children’s chest with pride…………what makes a school a place to be proud of and cohesive, is something more.  It’s something that grows through care, through interest, through paying attention to the needs of those attending, and through encouraging them in their pursuits.  You can’t force pride.  You can’t force cohesiveness.  They are what grows naturally while you are busy being a school.  You also can’t buy pride.  No matter how cheap or expensive the logo.


A lot of schools give out stationery/book/equipment lists prior to the end of the previous year.  I like that concept since most stationers start their sales on Jan 2.  Our school doesn’t.  Not only are the awesome bargains gone by the time you get back to school in early February, but there is a complete dearth of anything you might need.


I’d also like to point out that as a teacher/school you might want to visit the site www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au/ (each state has their own) and know what are acceptable calculators for using in class and for exams.  If the Board of Studies finds that an $11 calculator, as well as a $50, one is allowed, I don’t feel a detention for not supplying a $50 one will sit well with me.  (My teen is not too happy with it either.)  It may be true that I could have purchased the $50 one for under $20 in January after 1 1/2 hours drive to a store………and I would have driven that far if I was also able to purchase all the other requirements in one go.  It’s too far for one calculator tho with the price of petrol what it is these days.


How DO teachers who have kids cope with this?  The fact is, once you are back to work, and the kids at school there is limited stock available locally and the price is set.  As a sn@rky mother I will no doubt continue to buy books in what ever size, binding, page amount that I find at good value and then we will continue to receive rem@rks about the binding being incorrect, the dimensions not perfect, the pages too many or too few.  I will refr@in from saying ‘Suck it up Sunshine’ – well I won’t verbalise it.  I will no doubt LOOK like it though!


The real fun of the Prep for the New School Year though is when you go to the uniform shop to part with Meg@Bucks………..and they don’t have that size in stock.  All sold out.  If you’ve ordered it prior to the new season one of two things will occur:


1:  The items in that size did not arrive.


2:  The items in that size did arrive – but the child grew to the next size up;  the next size up is either sold out or did not arrive in the first place.

Should I just prewrite the notes for school now?  Please tick the appropriate box:  Calculator wrong;  uniform unavailable;  pages/binding/dimensions incorrect.

Here’s the positive affirmation for the first day of first term:  Just be glad most of them turned up!  That goes for teachers and kids I guess!

Happy School Year Everyone!

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