Just Your Average Kelpie…

AKA: My Personal Trainer

Isn’t he gorgeous?   And he keeps me on the straight and narrow.  Just try going out the gate without taking him for a long fast walk!  The look – OMG – I can’t believe you are leaving!  It’s pitiful – I feel so guilty that I have even phoned someone to say I’d be late for lunch because I’d been hoping to sneak out without walking him….best personal trainer is a dog!  You want to use kilojoules and get fit?  Get a kelpie!

And his Able Bodied (but slightly tubby) Assistant – Nic Nac

And she’s a big on guilt trips too!  Although not nearly as ‘sad looking’ if you try to leave without walking, she throws herself to the ground and refuses to move instead!   This is one of the happiest looking dogs you could take for a walk!   Nic Nac runs back and forth between the kelpie and me, always checking I’m ok.  She puffs a lot because she is a little on the chubby side too.  But she never leaves me stranded like the kelpie – he keeps the pace up.

The kelpie doesn’t have that all over happy body/face look of Nic Nac – but he does actually smile!  And he has ‘the eye’ as some kelpies do.  Hold up a stick and he freezes with his eye on the stick….and not a muscle moves just his eye!   Don’t hold the stick too long tho or he will leap in the air and relieve you of it.  We’ve walked for many kilometres the kelpie and I.  Windy days, cold days, wet days, and even in hail, although he wasn’t impressed by that!  I don’t walk in summer because of the risk of snakes.  Browns and Tigers where we live.

This is where we walk – The Australian Bush

This is the saga of Feral007  losing some weight and getting some fit!  All the while enjoying the views, the fresh air, and the sheer unadulterated happiness of the dogs walking in the bush.  Not summer fun mind you, but at this time of year – rug up, put the dogs in the back of the ute, and head for the fire trail.  Let me recommend this for healthy weightloss and healthy attitudes.  After a feral day at work?  A feral day at home with the teens?  After looking at the housework to be done?  Just Your Average Kelpie is just what you need!

Nothing like a lift in the ute after a good walk!

You know what?  I feel just as happy after a good walk too!  A big happy smile for all of us.

This is the  beginning of the thinning of Feral007!  And the getting of fitness as well.

At this point I am 78.5 kgs, but have already dropped one size in jeans and shirts, and am already thinking about trying on the next size down.  Because of the fabulous job my personal trainers are doing I am losing fat and getting muscle at the same time.  If only they could encourage me to do situps as well!

For those of you not lucky enough to live here, or have a kelpie no matter where you live – you can look for motivation with your weightloss here – Best of luck to us all.

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