I’m going on a Road Trip – I’m going to be a Brave Mum!

I’m not scared….oh yes I bluddy am!  Or at least I’m dreading it.


As per usual teenagers they can’t decide whether they will travel with me (in the ute, I’m driving, we don’t have all year you know!)


Or if they might go with a friend,  if a friend is actually going….So I might actually be flying – but probably not because all the cheap flights (feckity, feckity, feck) will be gone by the time a decision is made.


Yes, I’ll probably be going on a Road trip – and I’ll probably be a cranky mum!


I spose I can’t complain too much, I haven’t booked my accommodation or booked the dogs into kennels yet.

So I’ll probably be driving to Sydney in a ute, with 3 teenagers.   We’re collecting another when we get there.


Don’t ask me where they are staying….not my problem they are all big people now!


And if worst comes to worst (and it may) they can always phone up Dad and beg a bed or piece of the floor!

He’ll love that – makes my heart bleed!


Yes, so I’ll be in a ute driving with 3 teenagers and it will be like reverse day.


Instead of one teenager with the earpieces in, tinny bass sounds escaping, nodding head, a little singing here and there, or humming at best.


Nope, it will be ME – with the earphones, the head nodding and I must remember to transfer some Abba, some Shania Twain, some John Denver, what else could be good?


Oh I’m so looking forward to torturing more than my own! 😀

Mine are almost immune these days – not quite!  No one can be immune to mum singing John Denver!


I’m going on a Road Trip – I’m going to be an insane mum!


Take me hooooome country roads, snowy mountaaaaaiiiinnins…….NSW!


Hehehe love ya guys!  😀

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