I'll give you Organic!

I’ll give you ORGANIC!


Our local library has a table near the entry/exit and they put out books on it.  Usually I run in and out of the library, just grabbing books (hopefully not ones I’ve read already) and paying my overdue fees – ooops!  So I don’t usually look at this table.  But as I walked thru the beeper machine one book caught my eye the other day.

It was called 2 dogs and a garden.  Least I think that’s what it was called.


I thought I could top that one.  2 dogs, a garden, two cats and a wombat.  And I could go with that one.


Or I could go with this one.


2 Dogs, some Aldi Organic Power Feed and What’s Left of a Garden.  Fricken, fracken, frocken!


US? No, never!


HTG those d@mn dogs.  I poured this Organic mix into the watering plastic (like a watering can but made of…oh you know what I mean!)  10 mls per 10 litres.  It didn’t look brown and see thru like most powerfeeds.  It looked brown and creamy.  I thought ‘Woohoo’ that looks different.

And it was!

So I gave the new Banksia roses we planted a dose.  The two Australian natives a dose (I know they don’t like fertiliser but I just couldn’t help myself.)  The transplanted honeysuckle.  And the transplanted dahlia and gazanias.  Loverly, dubberly!

Or so I thought!

Then the dogs started sidling up and chewing on the dirt around the new plants.  I told them off.  And I mulched the plants with hay.

This morning the boy went out before I did.  Good thing too.  Good for the dogs!  I was the one who found the herb garden trashed with herbs upended every frickenwhere, the other day.  So I didn’t see the banksia rose with it’s roots twirling in the frigid air, this morning.

Organic?  Organic you say?  I’ll give you freaking organic!  The bluddy animals managed to get the lid off the other 80 mls of organic power feed and scoffed the lot!

What can I say?  Well I can say that at least Aldi’s Organic Power Feed Fertiliser doesn’t cause the dogs to have diarrhoea.  Unlike Good Old Dynamic Lifter.  Our german shepherd used to follow me around the lawn scoffing the dynamic sh….I mean Lifter as fast as I spread it out.  That dog had the runs something shocking each time.

I’d just like to ask what organic fertilisers you might use, one’s that don’t attract the dogs.  One’s that don’t give the dogs the sh…..runs.  One’s that might make your plants healthier……..without making them airborne and aerated.

Heaven help Just your average kelpie and Knick nac if those plants are up and about tomorrow morning!

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