I need a summer activity

for Just Your Average Kelpie, Knic Nac and me!  I could go to Aquarobics on thursday nights – nah still too cold to get in the water.  I could go to the gym at work…….nah they don’t like dogs there much either.  I could see JYAKelpie on the walking machine at full speed!  A picture of a roo taped to the wall in front of him!  Knic Nac would probably do well on the little trampoline – she’s pretty bouncy at the best of times.

Hanging out under the trampoline
Cubby for dogs! Keep your eye on the ball

I am thinking that we need some sort of exercise design around the house.  It’s just so hot during the day and I’m not so keen on activities out there in the dark.  Soon it will be mossie time so even dusk will be busy.  Last week the flying ants turned up – that’s always fun pfft, bluddy things.  Always breathing a few in even when you aren’t talking.  Now that the yard is nearly mowed out I might be able to work something out.  It wont be the same as walking on the fire trail – always cheers you up even when things are getting on top of you;  but there must be some way we can keep this weight off mum.  Oddly for us at this time of year, there is so much rain that I am trying to mow again!  The mower is not really up to the amount of work I’m asking it too do.  And it’s not that interesting for the dogs, although they do like to spend the day outside with us…….except when there’s a storm coming – then JYA Kelpie and his side kick will go straight inside.  Because he’s a sook, and she never passes up an opportunity to ransack the house looking for food.

If you’ve had a look in Country Life you’ll have seen our new Permaculture Garden so you’ll know that I now have to throw the dog toys around the new garden as JYA kelpie does not see the point in going around if he can just bound over the top!  Not a good dog, nooooo.   Knic Nac has rediscovered gardening all over again – b*gger.  Had just got her out of the habit of dig, dig, dig!  She did dig holes now and again – but previously she would demolish gardens, excavate anywhere – omg I loathe walking into holes in the dark.  And now she’s at it again.  But it doesn’t do a lot for their boredom levels, or for our collective waistlines.  I still need an assault course or something to keep us trim till winter hits again.  With the temperatures it does seem like it might actually BE winter some nights.  But the snakes aren’t believing yet.

I could get one of those tunnels (but I’d be afraid of what else might be in there.  And I could build some see saw thingies like they do on those dog training courses – I could see Knic Nac bopping JYA Kelpie on the head when she tipped the see saw though.  And those bending poles?  Tomato stakes?  They’re not cheap these days and I’d bet the dogs would chew them anyway.  And if I don’t fancy falling into doggy excavations at night, I’m pretty sure the air would be thick with cussing if I ran into a row of tomato stakes at night!  Wonder if the wombat would cope with them?  Now that could be funny.  I think we need WombatCam here.   If you have any bright ideas for exercising the dogs that don’t involve snakes, or death by stakes and holes then please let me know.

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