I have the gas lighter in my bag……….

What do you have in your bag?  This subject came up today………….you know what you got up to when you were a kid so you are afraid….very afraid of what your kids might do!


When I first went back to work outside the house (I was mothering, running a business from home/car, and housekeeping for quite a while) I needed to get back to work so I could pick up a job easily when we moved.  So back to hospitals and midwifery I went.  Been out for so long that I had to do ‘Re-connect’.  Now there’s a concept.  Interestingly (and sometimes annoyingly) not much had changed…..except maybe the machinery!  And using computers.  But I’d used computers at home so the hardest thing there was remembering your password….which you had to change every 4 weeks jic you actually managed to remember it by then.


Re-connect was going back to do some basic information stuff, the ‘Mandatory’ subjects, and going around all the areas you were going to work in and doing 4-6 weeks in them.   Mandatory stuff gets pretty boring – the chairs are hard, your bum gets numb by morning tea time……and you don’t get much satisfaction out of the day.  The security one was pretty good though.  Twas a big hospital and had a large security setup.  Most big hospitals seem to be a magnet for people who want to relieve you of your money, your car, your life and your safety sometimes.  There were a lot of talk of where the emergency buttons were in the hospital in case you got caught in the corridors with someone you didn’t like the look or behaviour of.  And the emergency buttons in the wards.  Locking down the wards of a night time.  Getting to and from the carpark in safety (always assuming your car was still where you left it).


So when you are re-connecting you have to go to work, and they paid you.  But having three kids I had to organise before school care.  And could get a lunchtime pickup for my preschooler.  But the boys were on their own.  I trained them to walk home from school over a few months – they knew what to do, it was just hard for them to stop arguing with each other long enough to cross the road safely.   They used to get home just before I did.  They ‘d phone me to say they’d arrived safely.  And I wouldn’t be far away………..But I’m not a stupid woman.


I was doing a day of home visits with a midwife when we stopped for lunch.  I opened my purse to pay for my lunch and voila!  There’s the gas lighter for the BBQ and about 10 boxes of matches!   I laughed and showed the other midwife – who thoroughly understood!  You don’t take chances like that with boys, even when you’re in the house you like to know where those sorts of things are!  But the thought of all the talk of security and risk we’d been through in Mandatories – and here’s me with a little firelighting arsenal right there in my handbag!


I’ve also gone to work (more lately) with the internet modem/wi-fi in my bag, and half the power cord.  Why half?  Well my friend said that half the cord was pretty standard but I should take the other half in case those beggars hid the other bits when they found out I’d left them at home in the holidays without access to the internet (teenagers can be sooooo snarky when they are upset!)   I went to work – flashed my bag at someone and said “I’ve got the power’ and shut the bag again – walking around to my office chuckling manically to myself………….ah mothers!  They’ll get you back everytime!


So what do you keep in your bag?

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