How's your Christmas coming along?

I’ve got 2 days at work still, and 4 days entirely till Christmas eve. I’ve bought two presents – one hasn’t arrived in the mail yet. Australia Post is a bit scary around Christmas time. I haven’t organised what we’re eating for Christmas – or for those days before and after. We don’t do the Big Christmas Ham in our house. Nobody except me likes real ham that much. The others would rather some salami, or a Woollies Cooked Chook! Nobody really likes turkey that much either. Recently, on Twitter someone was asking what smells do you associate with Christmas. And was surprised when I said ‘Salad Dressing!’
Well this year I’m planning on chucking some prawns on the barby, mate. Always supposing I manage to get some decent prawns. Out here in the mountains you don’t find many fresh ones. So the question is ‘Who has the best frozen prawns?’ Think I’ve narrowed it down between work and facebook. Love facebook for those questions you don’t need answered by best friends only.

I put the Christmas tree up before December – everyone was most impressed. It actually was 2 weeks before we put the deco’s on tho! We don’t put presents under the tree – it’s not really safe with incontinent cats! We have been meaning to put up the tinsel and lights but I’m thinking that will be a friday night job, in between the rounds of cooking and freezing of presents.

It’s amazing sometimes. Firstly people start off about Christmas being so commercial and not in the spirit of the season and all. Well actually it really starts off with the shops the day after Halloween, and Christmas music, mince pies, and chocolates! But then comes the grinchy sentiments. And I do agree. It has become very commercial and a bit ‘Keeping up with the Smiths.’ We’ve never been rolling in the money at Christmas time. Even before I was a single parent, the business we had was very lean over the whole Christmas/end of year holiday season. But I’ve always liked the excitement of Christmas. The Christmas carols, at home and at the local park. The Christmas Lights! Love them. So appreciate all the people over the years who have gone to so much trouble with their setups just so the rest of us can drive/walk around and enjoy it! You’re awesome people! This year we haven’t been to Carols or to look for lights. But as luck would have it there are a few in the block near where Techie I moved to. So I get to enjoy it when I go round there. Thanks to his neighbours. But what about that commercialism? Well, due to financial restraints we don’t have A Very Commercial Christmas. I might take the easy way out if I had some more cash. For some reason the utility companies seem to feel that December is a fine time to hit you with big bills. And then if you want the car to stay on the road at this time of year, when normally (but not this year) the heat is enough to cause a lot of cars to give up the ghost, then you’ll need a service, probably new brakes, possibly new tyres, oh and maybe a new fan belt (or 3 because cars don’t just have one these days,) and a new radiator might be on the cards too. Just for fun my old ute is due for rego this month too.

Oh joy to the world the bills have come, and all the money is gone, insert ringing of churchbells here. Deck the shed with bit of wattle, string the fence with electric tinsel, falalalalala!

So having rung the various companies to say that they are more than welcome to my money, but they will be getting it in fortnightly installments, I don’t have money to throw at the Christmas tree. So, the presents this year will be: Spiced Vinegar; Chocolate spoons; Sweet and sour Christmas? Macadamia and Basil pesto to use on fettucini, toast, as a dip, or spread on puff pastry and made into scrolls. Not useful for those nut affected people, but I don’t have any atm on my Christmas list. I will probably also give out some Homoeopathic First Aid to Go information kits. Since I’m making all of them it won’t cost a lot. Well, not a lot of money – and frankly not a lot of time either. The best thing is that all these are easy to do; can be done by myself and the kids together; at the last minute; and used by us if we have any over! Bargain! I think next year I may make some things out of material for people. Already have some ideas, but since I haven’t fired up the new overlocker I’m not going to spend that last two days of pre-christmas cursing up a storm! Wonder if I should make something alcoholic for my friends for Christmas?……..nah alcohol is too expensive to make into presents. And I don’t have enough money to buy it for other people and also drink it myself while I’m working! I do recall the year I made brandied fruit………Spent forever cutting up fruit. Who knew how much fruit you could fit into those containers – nearly bankrupted me; then I ran out of brandy and had to go and buy more………..and was probably over the limit just breathing the fumes! All to no avail. Someone dropped theirs and the room smelt like a distillery for months! Ahhhh Christmases past!
So what’s your Christmas shaping up like? I have the kids this Christmas. We’ll be having Christmas Eve and Christmas morning (well not early morning – they are teenagers after all!) And then off to friends for late lunch/early dinner. I’m taking prawns to chuck on the bbq, and have had one test of chilli/lemon prawns. Planning on Chilli/Lime if I get to the shops in time. Think Christmas Eve will be a test run for Christmas Day – probably bacon/mushrooms/eggs and toast for late breaky. Might even think about frying them up in lots of garlic and a bit of cajun and then putting them into a baking dish with the eggs to make a mega omelette! Sounds easier than standing at the stove for ages. Orange juice and mineral water for champagne breakfast!

So only a few lists of shopping for food and ingredients here. Hopefully Australia Post comes good. The santa sacks will be full of a few cans of soft drink, chips, chocolate, and some little things like earplugs, tiny torch, and some nuts.
Really some shopping, cooking, freezing, wrapping, a big tidy up, some alcohol to keep the ho,ho,ho going, and we’re done.
All without a layby in sight! It’s not the same as when the kids were little, and seeing Santa was such a big deal, and why I got so p’d off when it became ‘Have your photo with Santa’ not tell santa what you want for Christmas. Or when they would go to sleep while you were driving to the lights. When you had to hide large presents in plain sight so no-one noticed. When you had to layby presents in front of them all (told the lady at the counter ‘These are for santa because he can’t be expected to know what size every kid is now’ and if you don’t put your name on the layby how the heck is he supposed to know who it’s for! He’s a busy man after all!) So yes, I am the reason that when my children tell lies they do it very well and with conviction! And it’s all the fault of Santa, Twinkle Toes the Tooth Fairy, and the good ole Easter Bun!

So from Feral 007 and Team Feral (heheh yes son I know you just hate that!) Tis the season to be Feral, falalalalala……

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