How Green are my Vegetables?

Green veggies have always been one of those things in life.  The popular conception is that kids hate them.  There are books, websites and TV shows that talk about ‘How to Hide Green Vegetables so Your Child Will Eat Them Without Knowing They Are.’  My kids go “Why Would You?’  There is really only one green vegetable we don’t eat much here.  Brussels Sprouts.  If they didnt smell so bad when they cooked they probably wouldn’t have such a  bad rap.  My kids will eat them, but none of us really like them.  I had a ‘thing’ where I thought – There must be something you can do to them to make them nicer to eat…I didn’t find it.  So they are off the menu.  Zucchini on its own is pretty bland as are the big frilly squash – but I love all squash because it’s got that watery texture.  Part of the reason may be that due to overcooking meat till it’s like leather a bit of moisture is all good.  Beans?  Well they are such bad value as a meal choice.  You bag them, you buy them, you put them and the kids in the car.  And you go home.  There are no beans left by the time you get to town outskirts.  Broccoli and cauliflower (not green unless you get the ‘brocciflower’) are also devoured raw but they are harder to devour while mum is not looking in the rear vision mirror.  Peas, now there’s a long lasting vege!  Nobody except me likes them.  Beans were such a trauma from my childhood so peas are light relief.  My brother hated beans.  My mother used to insist he eat a couple of beans to try them.  He would feed the kelpie (who knew to sit near my brother since if he ate the beans for him then my brother would pass him a bit of meat because that’s  only fair.)  My mother banned the dog from the kitchen – pity he was such a noisy eater.  Then my brother used to put one half bean between two pieces of bread and eat it.  Usually after two ‘bean sandwiches’ he’d start dry wretching and have to leave the table.  He obviously missed out on the ‘eat green beans’ gene.  Speaking of ‘green beans’ as opposed to ‘beans’ I used to regularly get shocked at mealtimes in England.  I’ve always referred to green beans as ‘beans’   whereas ‘baked beans’ were simply baked beans.  I oculd never quite get used to lining up at cafeteria’s and have them say ‘beans with that’ – yes thanks.  On goes a big saucy spoon of baked beans.  Yes I do eat them, but I’d not ever been offered (or wanted) baked beans with every meal I ate before.  Even though part of me knew they were meaning Baked Beans another part of my brain saw green beans and said Yes please!  Also in England I got introduced to Mushy Peas.  That’s pronounced mooshy not muh-shy by the way.  Mooshy peas sound better than they look – altho they don’t fall off the fork I must admit.  I never quite came to terms with them either although I did buy a can of them once just for old times sake. 

You know if I really got myself organised one day I could ad the Zucchini and carrot muffin recipe here – in the meantime just google for it yourself!  They are nice and actually taste like cakes rather than muffins and not at all like vegetables – which is a bit of a disappointment to me since I actually like vegetables.

Or you could try Stuffed Zucchinni’s.  Stuffed with what?  Stuffed if I know.  It’s another what’s in the fridge/freezer dish.  Cut the zucchinni’s lenthwise so you have two long half tubes.  Take out the seeds (keep some to dry for the garden next year);  Then scoop out the white zucchinni flesh and steam it.  Don’t go thru the skin.  Cook some rice while you’re waiting.  Brown rice gives it a bit of a nutty flavour.  You can add different vege’s like sweet potato, pumpkin, capsicum, anything you like really – cook it and add o the steamed zuchinni and rice.  You can add any seasonings.  Cajun, garlic, italian herbs, eurospice ‘garlic and herbs’ is a fabulous seasoning.  You can also add things like chicken or pork mince cooked, or bacon pieces, or keep it vegearian and add some nuts.  While you are doing that I usually put a bit of water in a shallow tray and just steam the zucchinni skins in the oven.  So tip out the water from the trays, shovel the stuffing into the zuchinni’s, spinkle with grated cheese and put back in the oven.  They taste fantastic!  You eat it skin and all.  They are very very filling though so you’ll only need about half what you think you can eat.  And the left over stuffing (more than half what will fit back into the skins) is great for leftovers the next day or two.

Main trouble with this dish is buying big Zuke’s.  Someone at work let’s a couple grow for me now and it’s great.

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