How do you know when your eyesight is deteriorating?

NITS! That’s how. Recently I had the fun of nitpicking once again. You kind of think you’re out of the woods when your children grow up or at least when they are in high school. But no, you’re never safe once you’ve been a nitpicker – people always have need of one. So here I am picking through hair once again. Using the old conditioner and slide them out. The problem is that my eyes have got worse! I know that when I try to thread the needle on the machine there will be two sets of fingers, two threads and two needles. But two hairs and two eggs is hard! I have one eye that is short sighted and the other long sighted. You’d think that I’d be able to just close one eye and it would work. I do that sometimes when my glasses are broken etc, but in very minute work (like nit eggs) it’s not that easy. So I’m thinking ‘Do I need to put my reading glasses on to do this?’ That’s just wrong. So there goes my new career of nitpicking for a living. No don’t laugh it’s a real deal! I was driving through Sydney a year or so ago. Stuck in a traffic jam at a set of traffic lights. Been stuck there many times over the years of living in Sydney. So, glance over at what once used to be a pet store specialising in fish. Very large store it was. Whoa! It’s now ‘The Nitpickers.’ Well, I don’t actually remember the name of it, but I was so amazed. Interestingly, this store is completely glass fronted, double store. And it had a section of the glass covered all along the shopfront. From about knee high to just over head high. LOL, once inside the shop no-one outside could see who was in there. What sort of person thinks about starting a shop like that? Well I guess someone who has tasty kids. My kids were never very tasty till about 4th grade. Some poor mothers though, they have kids that nits just can’t resist. So any nit for miles around will end up in that kids hair. I have seen people reduced to tears by that four letter word – NITS! I’ve also seen people who have steam coming out of their ears and their blood pressure going through the roof at the same little word. And most people who have those sort of kids dream of someone to pick through their children’s hair endlessly, while they themselves content themselves with cooking, cleaning, washing, supervising homework and going to work. Nitpicking is a thankless task, and you are always pretty sure there will be one D@mn egg that you missed that will hatch 2 seconds after you finish. Or one that some other mother misses! Actually, I’ve never heard of fathers nitpicking. Has anyone out there heard of a Dad who will nitpick? Now wouldn’t that be AWESOME ladies? I do actually know of a homeopathic remedy that can sometimes help in dealing with nits and tasty kids. And yes, it is sometimes a very popular little remedy. Not that you don’t still have to do some nitpicking but anything that might increase the resistance of the victims rather than the nits is worthwhile in my book.
And now, how many of you are now scratching your itchy heads? I am that’s for sure. I only have to think about nits and my head is itchy!

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