Living the Life!

Yes, move to the country!  It’s so relaxing.  Sitting on the deck watching the weeds grow.  Nothing like chasing the cows through the Australian bush in your purple pj’s and uggboots before breakfast, after breakfast, instead of breakfast!  Yes, its true.  Serenity is not my main state of mind since moving to the country.  You need your wits about you;  you need to be prepared for a huge learning curve;  you need perseverance;  you need your neighbours to not have caller ID for when you call to say ‘I’ve lost me cows again!’ and you definately need a sense of humour!  My lifestyle, my woes, my skills, my outlook on life and my kids lives have all changed drastically – for the better I think;  But its been a journey. 

So we’re going to share some of it with you.  Read on or put your fingers in your ears and go lalala – we don’t mind because this is the net and we don’t know until we go to google analytics to see how long you stayed. 😉

This blog will eventually be covering things like Growing Organic Vegetables – Eating Fresh – Which Poo is the best?  How to get rid of the Pesky Pests without changing your own DNA – and the bane of our lives – Australia’s only true Drought Proof Plants – those introduced grasses which are taking over the country!  Sit back with a cuppa or a glass of something stronger, and have a chuckle.  You’ve probably been in a few of the scrapes we have been in, and there’s nothing like a chuckle between new friends.

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