Hasta La Vista Babee

Sometimes you can see things often and all of a sudden it strikes you as odd.  Like the work car talking to you…………yes, that’s right!  I guess I haven’t had to fill that car up too often with petrol.  Usually when I get out of the car I’m thinking about where I’m going and what’s happening next, and what I need to take with me.  But when you get petrol you have to have the speedometer reading to pay for it.  So as I’m checking the speedometer and turn the engine off the car says ‘See you.’  Hello, you’re a car!  You can’t see me, and it’s not like you’re even MY car so chances are I won’t see you next trip.    Why do they do that?  I find it hard enough with the cars that beep at you for everything you can think of.  One of them beeps at you for not making your heavy handbag on the passenger seat wear a seat belt!  They beep to make you turn off the lights, go backwards, shut the door, petrol low.  All sorts of things.  Rarely for really useful things like leaving your purse or your phone in the work car!

I wonder if you could change what the car says to you tho?  You  can change your mobile ring tones so why not?  I think I’d have it flashing Hasta La Vista Babee!’ across the screen.  The phone could play the Macarena, the work one could play that one about ‘9-5’ and the car could play ‘Kaching’ when the petrol tank is nearly empty.  Maybe we could have ‘I like big butts’ for the seatbelt song?   ‘I’ll leave a light on for you’ for the lights/accessories reminder.  You could have any song by Police if you sped.  This could be fun…..might be hard to put up with other people’s selections tho.


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