Happy New Year!

2011 – a lot of people I know had very bad years in 2010 and are happy it is over.  We didn’t do too badly really altho there were some tough times.  I don’t do New Year Resolutions – rather just enjoy myself than try to work out what hard work I have planned for the next 12 months.  I prefer to wait until it happens and then deal with it.  Not that I don’t have some idea of how to deal with things – but best not to get too bent out of shape in advance! 

But now looking into the Teens of Life (2 thousand and eleventeen) I think it might be good to see where we’re come from and where we might be heading.  Of course this could fit into the teens site – but really I’m sitting here on the deck covered in fly spray with my feet on the coffee table – Enjoying the Country Life!  If it was about The Life of the Teens you’d have to head over to Feral007’s Random Rants about Feral Teenagers. 

Back to the first day of the New Year!  I’m just coming to terms with it after the Phone Box Party.  It was fun – it was friendly;  and it wasn’t over organised.  Camp chairs and mowing done by a great person.  Then neighbours dropping in and joining the fun.  The traffic is sparse so bikes and scooters were out.  And we had Fortune Cookies!  They were cool – apparently I’m in for a big romance this year!  Yeah right!  My kids were at their father’s place so only a phone call for them.  My daughter has ordered another of the same next year please as she missed out. 

We came here to live from Sydney 7 1/2 years ago!  And doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!  We’re surrounded by mountains on all sides.  We have beautiful views – big skies, clouds, WIND, more WIND, the Australian Bush, birds, butterflies, wombats (stay in your burrow you misbegotten animal), snakes, roo’s, until recently an ever increasing mob of goats, and we did used to have cows at the beginning.  A couple of horses, a couple of cats and that’s the family.  There are koalas up in the bush – or so I’m told but I’ve never seen one!  The house is ‘not quite big enough’ for us all – but I said to the kids when we were looking………..We can have a big house and not land, or a lot of land and a small house.  And lets face it, we came to the country because they are all outdoors kids, and just a little feral. 

I spent a lot of time looking at houses and farms.  There are some doozies out there too!  The real estate agents were fun – they’d send you out to ‘The third rusty gate after 5 cattle grids – on the dirt road ‘  and if you liked it they might  come out and show it to you.  That was if you could find it to like or not like.  That was if you could find the road!  The road’s were usually called ‘Whatever Road’  because it went to the town of Whatever.  Except at the other end of it – because you were IN Whatever it was called Whichever Road because that’s were it went to.  When we came to live here I had three addresses.  One that the council said was ours.  One that the electricity company said was ours, one that the gas man and telstra said was ours.  Getting the electricity and gas to send the bill to the correct address whilst still delivering it to the incorrect address was fun.  Telstra of course wanted me to pay the bills, so they did change our billing address, but they listed us in the phone book incorrectly – every 2nd year.  I ring them up and they’d fix it in the next one and then revert again.   It is interesting now tho with Google Earth Maps.  I can pick our property out of course.  But as far as Google Earth is concerned none of us exist.  That makes life interesting.  My friend lives close enough to town for the courier companies to deliver to her door – in a road that doesn’t exist.  The local people know where we are of course – but when it’s leaving the central delivery centre its going to ‘nowhere’.  I have just this week received a notice about finding myself on the google maps and notifying them.  Will be interesting to see if they can cope when we all do that. 

We live too far out of town to expect deliveries – you’d have to pay for an entire truck to come out with your parcel if they did – Megabuck$.  I used to get things sent to me by some companies by mail.  But now to make my life easier they are having them couriered.  Please don’t.  Can’t you just post mine?  B*gger!

The companies assure me that the courier will deliver them to my house.  (Nope).  Oh yes they will madam!  (Oh no they freaking won’t).  We have it all organised madam and please give us your street address.  So I do.  And I beg them to put both my home and mobile address on the outside of the package (so the company can ring me when it arrives in town and I can pick it up.  Being in a mobile black spot means I won’t hear about it if I’m at home when it arrives. But if I’m at work I’d rather pick it up on the way home. )  Fairly simple you think?  Fairly straightforward.  No. 

A few weeks go by and I phone them back.  You know I really do need those goods, so could you be nice now and give me a clue about which of the 7 or so couriers in town will have it.  WHAT?  You don’t have it yet?  (Oh Duh).  The name? 

And then they call back and apologise profusely for the courier who wouldn’t deliver it even tho they had that all worked out.  I’d rather they apologised for telling me I don’t know how Life in the Country works.  You know there’s ‘Country’  around Sydney, posh houses, small amounts of land with huge hedges and lots of fat ponies.  There’s ‘Regional’ country.  Regional towns where they have lots of department stores and supermarkets and so on.  Then there’s ‘Rural’ Country.  Where you have lots of rural shops, some supermarkets, a couple of one lane roundabuts, and one traffic light (not set, just one light) for when they do roadworks.  And then there’s us.  We’re termed a Village.  We have got a x roads and of course a Phone Box. 

Life in (out past a village) in Rural Country is not something that people in Sydney ‘Get’.  I do have a little revenge sometimes tho and give them the property name as the first line in the street address.  Heheheh – lots of those computers only have 3 lines for the address so they can’t work out how to enter it on the computer.  I know its not nice, but small things amuse me some days.  Especially if you are going to make me wait weeks to find out who’s hiding my parcel locally.  😉

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