Guilty Pleasures

Watching MASH with the kids (not that they are all kids anymore) with a glass of red.  And some dessert, or chips.

Looking like cr@p in whatever comfy clothes I’ve got.

Assorted cats and dogs fitted in like gravy in a casserole.


Having a laugh.  Feeling sad.  Liking and hating the same person in the same episode.


And knowing that the kitchen is a mess.

The car isn’t fully unpacked.

The washing might still be on the line.


Knowing I haven’t packed my bag for work yet.

Or got everything done that I should have.


And just enjoying being together, and enjoying even more, that my kids have got a great sense of humour.

That they can see the funny things, but understand that sometimes it can be hurtful.  That they care enough.


Pity is that when someone comes to visit they can’t see the guilty pleasure…just the messy kitchen 😀


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