Guilty Boys!

The Cheekster
The Cheekster
That horse is not called Cheeky for nothing! In fact, another boy could be called Cheeky as well. I went out to check the wombat excavcations under the house fences when I let the dogs off and saw Charlie in the food forest – naughty boy.
Charlie Boy/Grumpy Old Horse
Charlie Boy/Grumpy Old Horse
OMG – two big rugged arses sticking out of the hay shed! 😨 I grabbed a lead rope and approached Mr Harry who sidled off into the apple grove (otherwise known as sticky corner as they are still just sticks in the ground). He carefully manouvred around the Cox’s orange pippins, and approached the expensive little dwarf peach/nectarine grafted trees (noooo Harry, don’t do it!)
Harrikan the Larrikan
Harrikan the Larrikan
Luckily he got an attack of the guilts and just stood there while I put the lead on. Off we went back out to the broken electric strand. Mr Cheeky pulled his head out of the hay shed and started to come with us.
Charlie took his chance as 3rd in line, to stuff his head IN the hay shed. Son chased Charlie out of the shed 🙁 poor horse, always last to get the food.  Then Cheeky thought perhaps leaving wasn’t the best idea and tried to duck back….nah mate!
Charlie refused to walk over the electric rope lying on the ground.
Yes, that’s right. Apparently it’s perfectly safe to walk over it to get INTO somewhere, but not safe to walk over it to get OUT.
Rope removed to facilitate grumpy old horse leaving the possibility of more hay.
Appears that a roo may have taken the fence for a long jump and it broke.
As you know any self respecting horse will potter in, each the mulching mallow plants, potter off to the hay shed to check it out….of course!
We had a great deal of interest in the fence while we were letting out some rope and then patching the break.
Then we turned it on.
We have some electric to deter dogs and horses from unsafe areas, and unwelcome attention to haysheds and Mum’s garden. It’s rarely turned on – once every 2 to 5 years for a day or two and that’s all that’s needed.
Except for the chicken mesh fence, that’s always on (except on the occasional time when we forget to hook it back on. That’s because it’s to stop the foxes from taking an interest EVER.
Well the hay excursion was a bit of a dud as they didn’t have time to into much mischief in the hay shed, so once they were back in their designated 20 acre paddock, we gave them their usual breakfast. And turned the fence on to take their focus off the hayshed.
Have a lovely day boys!
We're innocent...honestly!
We’re innocent…honestly!


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