Grunting? or teenspeak!

OMG I’m not sure I can do a family business with two teens!


We just don’t speak the same net language!

We might even be on the same net page but we just don’t freakin know it!  It would have something to do with the RSS and the Css and the CSA and the RTA and the UpuRs2!


Talk about funny!  Mr. Teenager himself is teaching me how to work my blog so I can use it to do all sorts of things.


‘Just listen to me mum!’  and ‘You can’t do that’ from him and

‘I know what you said – but that’s not what I asked’  along with ‘But I want it to do that’ and ‘Where’s my pretty picture gone then!’ from me.


If he hadn’t got his head shaved the other week (not shaved I’m told but a number something?)  he’d be pulling it out – all i can say is, if my hair was that short in this weather I’d be wearing a beanie.


Its strongly reminiscent of us and primary school maths…………..only I’m the one being ‘difficult, unfocused, and defiant!’  And might I say there’s a definate lack of respect for their poor old mother and her ageing brain power?


Stay tuned for the latest update on teenagers – its a hard job but someone’s got to do it………….and I didn’t step back fast enough when they were calling for volunteers.

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