Feral 007’s New Blogsite – Official Opening!

OMG I”m so excited.


THIS is my new webiste.  It looks awesome.  Still the same stuff – just rearranged to make it a little easier to find.


Techie 2, my teenage whizzkid has been working on this for about 12 months.  Neither of us thought it would take that long.  He did some awesome art stuff to make it look pretty…………….because you know he is sick of hearing me whine…………But, but where’s my pretty picture?  I want my pretty picture!


Talk about a lot of work.  Initially we were changing colour on something and going ‘Ooooh lovely.’


That was until we realised that changing one colour meant that everything else on the page was now out of sync with the new colour.   So I learned to say ‘No, I like it just like that!’  🙂


After the pretty stuff got done, the real fun began.  All that coding!  I never knew there was so much coding!  In fact, I’m not even sure I knew what coding was.  I do now!  Not enough to do it myself, but enough to know I never want to do it.


I was saying to someone that Techie 2 has finished my website – which has been his food and board.  And they said they might like a site, would he do them one………………..ahhhhh I think he’s discovered that he doesn’t want to do it for a living.  He’s learnt a huuuuuuuuuge amount of information.  And all with the help of Mr Google.  Who say’s teenager’s aren’t motivated!  But I can see that there might be more exciting ways of earning a liviing, even for a techie dude.


Please, have a look around the site.  See how pretty it looks.  Tell us if anything doesn’t seem to be working.  There’s still a few bits of code that won’t load a photo or a page on ocassion.  So much work had to be done on redirecting the old pages too – since I told Techie 2 that my friends (not being teenagers most of them) will still use the old site which is bookmarked in their fav’s.


If you can have a look around the new site, and go ‘Oooooh’ and ‘Ahhhhh’ and let any of your friends know who might be interested in it too.

Because Mr Google likes pages that have a lot of traffic, and some of my traffic hasn’t found me again yet.


I’m working on the next phase and will be finished soon.  There’ll be plenty more fun and laughs and whinging on the site on a regular basis again.


Thanks to my Techie Teenager, we are now up and running and lookin’ good!


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