Farming – Can you do it all?

Just reading someone else’s Homesteading facebook page.  They are lamenting that they might have to cut back on some things.


I know that feeling well enough.  Keep having a rerun of Trying to do it all.


It’s hard.  You run out of time.  You run out of money.  The weather doesn’t play ball (ie no rain forever!)  And then there’s the Other Stuff.

Like going to work to pay the bills.  And the kids needing things – from the simple things to teaching them to drive.

And there’s things like natural disasters – fires here, in summer.  And things like unnatural disasters – where people cause the problems but there’s not much more you can do to avoid that, than the natural ones.


You know how it goes.  The tractor breaks down on the way to your place – or at your place.  Then it’s too windy/wet?/dry/late in the season/or they have their own paddocks to do now you’ve missed your slot.  Then there’s money not turning up when it should so you can’t pay them and have to postpone, ditto losing your spot.


Then there’s sickness, injury and divorce.  I really do wish people wouldn’t get divorced when I’m trying to sort out my paddocks!


How rude!  How inconvenient!  (Ducking for cover now 😀 )


Truly, there seems to be a never ending cycle of things that prevent me from getting A Lot of Stuff Done.


I’m amazed at the sheer ingenuity of the universe, in coming up with yet more ways to keep my money at low ebb.


And just when you think you can’t take much more……………the horse starts limping, and then the other one.  And just when you think you can’t wait any longer and call the vet to say, it all looks good but the horse is still limping……..and the bluddy thing won’t limp in front of the vet!

I’ve had words with that d@rn animal, and some of them weren’t pretty words either!


We had cows when we first moved here.


MG didn’t they give me a run for my money!


And a few fence jumps as well.  Getting out over fences, pushing fences over.  They were sneaky too.


We would sit watching them, to find out which bit they were getting out of and they would stand…..ladidadida………eating grass, looking nonchalant, and then as soon as you took your eyes off them……..pouf!  They were gone.  Where?  How?


How did they flipping well know that you weren’t looking for 2.5 mins?  And just disappear?


Those cows are much more crafty than you realise when you look at their big bovine faces.

Chewing their cud….huh?  Yeah, right.  They are plotting and planning.  They are watching you to see what makes you tick, and then they are off!


I spent many a morning after I got up early to start breakfast for the kids, looking out to see the cows gone, or just disappearing in the mists of the aussie bush.



Off I’d go, in my purple flannelette jammies, and blue uggies.  Running thru the bush.  Jumping over rusted barb wire fences.  Screaming like a banshee at those disappearing rumps!


Rump steak, I’ll give you bluddy rump steak, you lot!


Yeah, seen that new woman on the Feral Farm?  Yeah mate, weird old bird she is!


I’m older but no less weird these days.


Back to downsizing of farms.  Wondering if you can do it all.  Wondering if it’s worth it.  Wondering if you can bear to part with any of the animals.  Any of the land.  All of it.

We sold a couple of calves, but that was heartbreaking.  They’re like family fgs.  Then we got rid of all the cows.


We swapped them for a kitchen.  A friend who could do carpentry needed cows and couldn’t afford them.  Someone offered me a 2nd hand kitchen, but I couldn’t afford to dismantle it, or set it up in our house.


When another friend said ‘Why don’t you swap the kitchen for the cows?’  I thought to myself – well doh!


We do still miss the cows.  But at least we got to see them settled into their new home.


One of my funniest memories is about the cows.


We had a large oblong bale of hay in the shed at the back of the house.

I’m up to the loo at 3am.


Sitting there in the quiet predawn, when I hear a rustle, and much chewing……yes, I came flying out of the loo, straight to the back door and what do I see?


2 enormous big black angus cow rumps, and 2 smaller calf rumps – all stuck in a single person shed doorway.


They were so guilty!  They heard me coming to the back door and abandoned the hay they’d been stealing, and tried to get out the door all at the same time.


I couldn’t sleep for ages I was laughing so much!  They’re worse than kids!

Trouble is, we can never eat anyone we’ve known.  Even with animals on the farm, we’re still buying from the butcher.


We’re needing to downsize a few animals again.  Anyone with bathroom renovating skills need a horse?



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